Was Ulysses Right All Along? Jessica Jones Asks The Question (SPOILERS)

In previous issues of Jessica Jones #3, we met the innocent financier mis-identified as a Hydra agent by Ulysses. planning on wreaking havoc.


Alison Green. Who had the suitcase from hell.


Yet somehow wasn't there in reality.


Who got the whole interrogation treatment.


Even when there was dissent in the ranks.


Before being busted out by Nightcrawler and Tony Stark's opposition to Captain Marvel.


How that identification was arrived at is still unclear. After all, even Hydra Captain America knew that was bollocks.


But Bendis isn't letting this go. And in Jessica Jones, Alison Green is seeking justice against the superhero types who strung her up…


Isn't it worth pointing out that the Champions were on the side of those who rescued her?


Basically – could Ulysses gave been right all along? Just really really delayed? And could his vision have become a self-fulfilling prophecy and the experience turn Alison Green into this person? Will she join Hydra as part of Secret Empire and take that transdimensional imploding case where it will do the greatest damage?

Oh look, she's got someone who weaponises dimensions on her side.

Jessica Jones #6 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos is published today.

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