What Do You Do When Bluewater Says You Aren't Good Enough To Draw Their Biographical Comics?

Once upon a time, comic book artist Matthew Petz sent some samples to Bluewater Comics, the people who make those biographical comics that were very successful when they included Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton – but then less successful over time. The comics have never been critically acclaimed, so it was an even bigger blow. So Petz decided to make his own, a Frank Sinatra comic, and not be restrained by anything so pedestrian as the facts.

He used the Bluewater method of tracing over old photographs and created something quite remarkable. Golden Voices: Frank Sinatra. Released on ComiXology Submit today, don't let the cover fool you, it is intentionally awful but the comic is utterly Eisner-worthy,

I'll run a few pages below. At any point that you think, right, fine, yes I'm sold, stop reading, come back up and click on the link. I expect most of you will get there, if you trust me, don't be spoiled by anything and pay your $1.99.

And look what Bluewater Comics could have had.

Man, that's bad. Really quite poor.

Comic Sans lettering? Oh yes, he is pulling out all the stops. Sure you want to keep reading? Don;t you trust me on this one?

New lettering! New art style! Last chance to turn back and buy it yourself… And then everything goes crazy. Here's just one example of where this story takes us. Grant Morrison could be reading this and going "damn it…"

Yeah, well you've done it now. Golden Voices: Frank Sinatra by Matthew Petz. Not from Bluewater Comics but ComiXology Submit. And not authorized by the estate of Frank Sinatra.


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