Who Is The Question? And Who Are The Wizards Of The New 52?

So we've all read the DC New 52 issue now right? Right? After all, Free Comic Book Day was yesterday, so you know. It's time to start asking exactly who the new wizards of the DC Universe , the creators of Shazam, and the damners of the Trinity Of Evil, are?

Um… well. See, this is where you need a pocket Mark Waid. Is that Black Bison and Super Friends' Samurai on the far right? A reworking of Amethyst? Any other suggestions?

And then there's the Trinity. Pandora, we know. Phantom Stranger we know. But the third… someone we should know? Or at least did?


Oh I see, it's not Black Bison after all, it's Beetlejuice.

The new Question! Created by Steve Ditko, probably no longer detective Vic Sage or Renee Montoya, now reinvented as a supernatural entity, for some crime or other.

And, as for Phantom Stranger… yeah, he's definitely got to be Judas Iscariot now, right? Although he seems a little pasty for the Middle East.

You know, I feel a little sorry for Judas. Any reading of the Gospels indicates that of all of Jesus' disciples, he was the one who believed Jesus was the Messiah. A Zionist, he wanted to provoke Jesus into bringing down the Roman Empire and tried to play him by forcing his hand. Hence the suicide when it all went wrong…

Yeah, you guys, stop judging the man.



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