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FCBD 2020 DC Generation Zero
When DC Comics originally announced DC's Generation Zero: Gods Among Us for Free Comic Book Day 2020, it was to have Flash and Wonder Woman stories, that promised to "lay the foundation for even more seismic-level changes in the DC universe It all starts here, and everything counts." And that " Now armed with infinite knowledge[...]
Free Comic Book Day 2021 Titles, Available Free, Digitally
This year's Free Comic Book Day gave away around 55 comic book titles in comic book stores But a few have also been made available digitally, on Kindle and ComiXology, for those who couldn't make it to the store Here's a look at the eleven titles able to be read right now. Spider-Man/Venom #1  Free Comic Book[...]
Did You Get Your Copy Of Fungirl On FCBD? No? Kids On Long Island Did
 One thing they don't love, though, is their kids being handed a mature comic book from their local library on Free Comic Book Day. The Free Comic Book Day cover to Fungirl: Tales of a Grown-Up Nothing, by Elizabeth Pich. Fungirl: Tales of a Grown-Up Nothing by Elizabeth Pich, a mature comic from Silver Sprocket, was initially lined[...]
How Much Are Yesterday's Free Comic Book Day Titles Selling For?
Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and despite being given away for free, many of the titles have an instant aftermarket I hope you grabbed Stray Dogs and Enter The House Of Slaughter, but even Avengers/Hulk is getting a big jump, setting up Avengers #50 Getting the full set may set you back $175… How Much[...]
The Sylveon Name Trick in Pokémon GO: Eeveelution Guide
Credit: Niantic The Sylveon Name Trick in Pokémon GO: Eeveelution Guide Greg Berlanti & "Green" Arrow Convinced Stephen Amell to Return Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream Coming From Hasbro Titans Star Vincent Kartheiser Investigated for On-Set Conduct: Report Law & Order: Mariska Hargitay Hits Meloni with Her Own SVU/OC Surprise Is The Eevee Community Day Ticket Worth Buying In Pokémon GO? Spider-Man[...]
Previews Of 37 Free Comic Book Day Comics, Out Today
It is Free Comic Book Day today, but there are so many comic books to choose from, 54 at the last count So what we have done is collated links to thirty previews we have previously run on Bleeding Cool, and then added another seven, including We Live, Zorro and Sonic The Hedgehog… Ben Reilly The[...]
FCBD: Venom Spoilers
Bleeding Cool gave you a sneak peek at Venom #1 by Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch a while back and those pages will also be in the Free Comic Book Day Venom story as well, published today, which sees Dylan Brock coping with being the new Venom on Earth And it seems that[...]
FCBD Spoilers: Ben Reilly Spider-Man Alongside Peter Parker And More?
The Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day comic book arrives in comic book stores today for Free Comic Book Day, August 14th We looked at it before and we can afford to be slightly more spoilery now. The featured Spider-Man in a story called "Test-Drive" by Zeb Wells and Patrick Gleason, has a new look costume, but it[...]
FCBD Avengrs Spoilers
Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk is out today for Free Comic Book Day, August 14th, so we can afford to be a little more spoilery It consolidates Jason Aaron's Avengers series heading to Avengers #50 And, just like the movies and the TV shows right now, it's all about the Multiverse, as portrayed by Iban[...]
Auto Draft
We ran a look at the surprise Daredevil story in today's Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day comic a while ago But now that it is out today for Free Comic Book Day, August 14th, we can afford to be a little more spoilery. Because the comic also includes an unannounced Daredevil story by Chip Zdarsky and Greg[...]
Free Comic Book Day Coca-Cola Poster - Not Working?
This year, Diamond Comic Distributors brought Coca-Cola in as a sponsor for Free Comic Book Day 2021 At the time, Diamond told retailers that Coke had a plan to drive additional traffic to comic book shops However, it transpires that this plan is a Coca-Cola poster for comic book stores with a QR code to[...]
Today is Free Comic Book Day Mostly Diamond delayed certain titles in the UK, so many UK stores will be running another Free Comic Book Day in two weeks' time and some will hold off everything until then But here are a look at some of the comic book stores who are going above and[...]
And today is Free Comic Book Day – mostly Britain only got a half order so some stores are splitting it into two, others are waiting until the end of the month The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. It's[...]
First Look At Free Comic Book Day's Black Mask's Black/Calexit
Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day Bleeding Cool has already looked at a whole bunch of sales happening in comic stores across the USA The UK version will be staggered as a bunch of copies didn't make it in time You can see the list of titles, and full solicits here, as well as a preview of all[...]