Will Your Store's Orders On Providence Be Five Times Those Of Crossed +100?

Providence02-regTomorrow is the day that the USA gets the most recent League Of Extraordinary Gentleman volume, River Of Ghosts. I talked about it a bit when it came out in the UK.

It does however seem to be the only League book on the cards for some time. And while Alan Moore is continuing to write Crossed +100, Si Spurrier will take over for an arc from June.

So Alan Moore's only other comic book scheduled this year is Providence with Jacen Burrows from Avatar, described as his Watchmen of HP Lovecraft.

Which is why, as I heard from one high profile retail chain, they have decided to order five times their numbers of Providence #1 as they did of Crossed +100 #1. For that store, it will be one of their highest orders of the month.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case anyone was wanting to get a copy. Unless you go to that chain, it might be a little… tricky. Have a word with your store nowish…

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