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Cullen Bunn, From Golden Dawn to Re-Animator

And, yes, for the next one, Dynamite will be using IndieGoGo to fund it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1BxKWdkspwHe also says that "ReAnimator The Eternal Lie is a direct sequel to the original HP Lovecraft short story " So there's that too It's taken from the film franchise loosely based on Lovecraft's story, and Dynamite has published a number of[...]

Will Justice League Beat The Avengers... Again?

Will Justice League Beat The Avengers… Again?

Might have to be a series of posts, because there really are a lot of them.  Say what you will about Snyder, but it's clear that he's read, studied, and absorbed quite a lot of the most important material from DC's 80+ year history.I'm fairly indifferent to the tone argument about his films, particularly so[...]

Richard Stanley to Adapt Lovecraft's Color Out of Space Starring Nicolas Cage

Horror director Enfant Terrible Richard Stanley is emerging from the shadows with his first feature length movie for twenty years, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's classic novella The Colour Out of Space, and he's brought Nicolas Cage with him. Full disclosure: I know Richard Stanley – I first met him when he was fighting Harvey […]


ReAnimator #1: Read The Comic Behind The Board Game

As we approach the final hours of the ReAnimator board game Kickstarter, the project is funded, but they're still working on their stretch goals. I just backed it myself — I love a good board game. The Lynnvander Studios folks will be livestreaming the last hour of the project, from 5 to 6 p.m. PST, here. […]

Writer's Commentary For Reanimator #4 By Keith Davidsen

This is a Writer's Commentary for Reanimator #4 by Keith Davidsen. Here he focuses on the first seven pages of the issue that wraps up the miniseries based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft and features the classic character Dr. Herbert West. PAGE 1: SUSAN'S VOICE Whenever narration appears throughout the REANIMATOR series, it's always from […]

Arcana's HP Lovecraft And Steampunk Oz Exclusives For SDCC '15

Comics from Arcana at San Diego Comic Con – and I can see something my children will be fighting over… Cthluhu Plush (in guide) – $20 Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories, this limited edition plush makes a great addition alongside your Lovecraft novels. This exclusive toy is a must for any Lovecraft fan and […]

Booze Geek: Innsmouth Olde Ale – And Providence

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Innsmouth Olde Ale Brewery: Narragansett Brewing Co. ABV: 7% In the dreary town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, things seem just a little off. The mood is always down a little bit more and the people are a little gruffer. In fact, you may even say they seem a little fishy with their […]

Alan Moore On HP Lovecraft As A Closet Modernist (VIDEO)

Wednesday sees the launch of Providence #1, the new comic book by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows in comic book stores from Avatar Press, who are selling the comic at their stall at Denver Comic Con today.Here, in the second of three short films by Mitch Jenkins, Alan Moore talks about the approach taken by HP Lovecraft which differentiated him from[...]

The History Of Dynamite's Herbert West, Reanimator

Keith Davidsen writes for Bleeding Cool: Covers by Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Seeley, Andrew Mangum Herbert West was, only recently, an ambitious medical student at Miskatonic University.  His singular focus in life was to conquer death by purely scientific means.  He conducted unorthodox experiments on animal subjects, and his most profound creation – a yellow-colored […]

Will Your Store's Orders On Providence Be Five Times Those Of Crossed +100?

And while Alan Moore is continuing to write Crossed +100, Si Spurrier will take over for an arc from June.So Alan Moore's only other comic book scheduled this year is Providence with Jacen Burrows from Avatar, described as his Watchmen of HP Lovecraft.Which is why, as I heard from one high profile retail chain, they[...]

First Look: 3 Pages Of Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #1

Providence #1 arrives May 27th, the comic fully scripted by Alan Moore with art by Jacen Burrows as they team up again following from their H.P. Lovecraft inspired work Neonomicon from Avatar Press. But this time, our 12 issue series takes us back to 1920's New York and New England, a time and place seminal […]

First Look: Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #2 Cover Gallery

The countdown to Providence, the new monthly comic series fully scripted by Alan Moore and illustrated by Jacen Burrows continues, awaiting its arrival on May 27th from Avatar Press. We kicked things off with a full cover reveal for Providence #1, followed that with a teaser interview with Alan Moore about his motives and goals […]

Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #1 Cover Revealed Ahead Of May Release

Fans of Alan Moore's work, and HP Lovecraft's, have been waiting for this announcement for some time, and today we're happy to finally confirm that Providence, by Moore and collaborator on The Courtyard, and Neonomicon, Jacen Burrows, will be arriving in May 2015.With that news, we can debut the "regular" cover for the first issue,[...]

Ben Templesmith Launches… HP Lovecraft's Dagon (UPDATE)

Adapting the story by HP Lovecraft. DAGON is the first Lovecraft story I ever read It's also one of his earlier ones, is public domain, deals with things dear to my squidly heart.. and is just oozing in mood and fear.. so I figured I'd turn the visuals it gives me in to a deluxe graphic[...]

Why I'm Turning H.P. Lovecraft Into An Action Hero (Sort Of)

Lovecraft: The Blasphemously Large First Issue by Craig Engler, Daniel Govar, Mat Lopes and Lewis LaRosa. Guest Artists: Brian Hurtt, Dennis Calero, Lukas Ketner, John Bivens, Richard Luong, Jamie Tanner, Ryan Dunlavey. Estimated Publishing Date: March 2015  A 48-page limited edition comic that recasts H.P. Lovecraft as a modern-day, kick-ass action hero & alchemist. Contact: craig.engler@gmail.com   by Craig Engler I'm […]

Lovecraft Enthusiasts Return To San Pedro For Annual Festival

Michele Brittany writes for Bleeding Cool: An eerie, other-worldly fog crept across the bay where the waters met a sleepy coastal town with a mix of modern and early 20th century architectural buildings of varying heights. Bulbous lights strung crisscrossed above the main street  provided miniature beacons of illuminations, or maybe minute signs of warning […]

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Gets HP Lovecraft's Necronomicon. For Reals.

And what leads them to this situation? Jughead using the magic of Sabrina The Teenage Witch to bring his dear departed Hotdog back from the dead.And how is she doing it? With, it seems, the Necronomicon, the Book Of The Dead, the fictional grimoire invented by HP Lovecraft Now owned by Sabrina The Teenage Witch.Basically,[...]