Wonder Woman's First Date With Veronica Cale – How Does It Go?

Veronica Cale first appeared in Wonder Woman #196 in 2003, created by Greg Rucka and Drew Johnson. Rucka stated his intent as creating a "Lex Luthor for Diana". She sees Wonder Woman's message of peace simplistic, reasoning that it is easy to preach an end to conflict if you are a superstrong demi-goddess.

She is later coerced by Circe into applying as legal guardian of Circe's daughter Lyta as a way of removing Lyta from the Amazon island of Themyscira. The process is stopped midway through once Ares kidnaps Lyta from the island, leaving Circe to abandon her scheme with Cale.

Veronica Cale is reintroduced in the DC Rebirth universe as leader of the mysterious organization called Godwatch. And in today's Wonder Woman #22, she watches from a much closer distance. And pays the price.


I have to say, I couldn't see a story being published by DC Comics with Superman going on a date with Lex Luthor.


But with Diana and Veronica, that's exactly what happens.


Obviously there are shenannigans. Stuff occurs to interrupt the smooth running. But at least Veronica…


…gets a kiss goodnight. Even if her true motives remain nefarious. And uses her dalliance to further tracking dowm the mysterious Parasdise Island.


Which, as well as giving context as to why Veronica is Godwatching, it confirms the explanation in the previous issue. Paradise Island is in another dimension. Like Tahiti, it's a magical place…

Wonder Woman #22 by Greg Rucka and Mirko Adolfo is published by DC Comics today.

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