Epic Games Has Added Streaming To Fortnite Mode In Houseparty

Epic Games has launched a new update today that will allow you to livestream a Fortnite game on Houseparty. The new option inside the specific mode on the app allows video chat with their Houseparty friends while playing the game, but this update will give you the option to also stream your gameplay into Houseparty. This is basically a new way to showcase your gameplay to up to nine friends and connections in a room as it adds in-game streaming and footage to your room. Depending on the kind of player you are and how you decide to group up with people to take on others in the game, this can be a benefit in a few different ways as it partially eliminates a few options that may cause issues with other programs. We got more info from the team below along with a video showing it off in action. Have fun playing the game in a new way with viewers as well as friends teaming up to win a Victory Royale!

Now you can connect on a totally different level through Houseparty, courtesy of Epic Games.
Now you can connect on a totally different level through Houseparty, courtesy of Epic Games.
  • If a Fortnite player has enabled Fortnite Mode Streaming and connected Houseparty, the people in their Houseparty room will be able to watch their Fortnite gameplay live in the Houseparty app. Players can see who is viewing their stream via an overlaid graphic on-screen while playing Fortnite.
  • We notify Houseparty users when their friends' game feeds are available to watch.
  • Users can choose not to stream their gameplay to Houseparty while in Fortnite Mode via a setting in  the game — this will keep video chat enabled, but not gameplay streaming (users can also turn off Fortnite Mode completely at any time).
  • Players or their guardians, can set Fortnite Mode (and Fortnite Mode Streaming) access, stream availability, and other privacy features via easy-to-access menus inside Fortnite's core game settings, Parental Controls, or Houseparty.

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