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Fortnite Launches Chapter 4 Season 4: Last Resort!
Epic Games has launched the latest season for Fortnite this week as players can jump into Chapter 4 – Season 4: Last Resort! The shorthand to this season is you're getting some Star Wars, you're getting some Vampires, you get some spy stuff with some infiltration, and you're getting a lot of explosions that you[...]
The Witcher Holds Court In Fortnite With New Additions
Epic Games revealed the latest collaboration to come to Fortnite, as players get a taste of The Witcher with two new costumes and much more Starting today and running all the way until July 4th, players will have a chance to visit a couple of new locations, as well as snag two new appearances for[...]
Nike Has Debuted Their New Airphoria Island In Fortnite
We have more details of how you can visit the island and check out everything it has to offer below, while the full details are on the latest blog. Credit: Epic Games Experience Airphoria: In an improbably floating city inspired by iconic Air Max sneakers, "Airie" has thwarted "Maxxed Out Max's" attempt to add the missing Air[...]
Alan Wake II Preview: Exploring The Depths Of Your Mind Place
During Summer Game Fest: Play Days this year, Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games showed off a little bit of Alan Wake II Probably one of the most anticipated games you can think of; people have been waiting to see a proper sequel to the original going back over a decade So when the news was[...]
Fortnite Gets A Splash Of Spider-Man In Latest Crossover Event
Epic Games has revealed the latest Marvel crossover in Fortnite as a new event brings Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse into the fold Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to the game as you're getting outfits for both Miguel O'Hara and Miles Morales added to the mix, along with some other amazing items for you to utilize,[...]
The Fast & The Furious Has Returned To Rocket League
Epic Games and Psyonix have brought The Fast & The Furious back to Rocket League this past week, with a brand new car added to the mix For the next couple of weeks, you'll have the chance to fill your garage with fan-favorite vehicles from the franchise as they help promote the latest film in[...]
Fortnite Has Officially Launched Ranked Play Into Battle Royale
Epic Games revealed this week that they had launched Ranked Play into Fortnite for the first time, bringing the mode to Battle Royale and Zero Build The team released v24.40 this past week, bringing a greater sense of competition and status to the game, for those who actually wish to seek it Like a lot[...]
Fortnite Champion Series Releases Roadmap For 2023 Plans
Epic Games have officially opened up ticket sales for the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Global Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark The event is set to take place from October 13th-15th at the Royal Arena, as the event will be the culmination of everything players have been working toward throughout this season We're still five months out,[...]
Fall Guys Season 4: Creative Construction Has Launched
Epic Games and Mediatonic have officially launched Fall Guys Season 4: Creative Construction this week, with some new things to do and compete in The primary focus of all this is on giving players a brand new toolset to mess around with, along with 50 new Rounds to compete in that will keep you not[...]
Auto Draft
Amazon announced this morning they had added a new game to the Amazon Luna library as Epic Games is bringing Fortnite to the cloud platform The two sides ave come together to make the game available to all players, with the ability to log into your account, as you'll be able to take advantage of[...]
Star Wars Returns To Fortnite In Time For May The 4th
Epic Games have partnered with Disney again to bring back Star Wars to Fortnite as they prep for the festivities on May The 4th Fans of the prequels will be happy to see that the two sides have added characters and items from Episodes 1-3, including Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala outfits, Clone Trooper gear,[...]
The Rocket League Rocket Pass Premium Joins Fortnite Crew
This is one of those moments where you see a company perform synergy within their own systems, as Epic Games has had control over both of these titles for a minute, but they haven't really crossed over that much So while it does cost you some money ($12 a month), it's probably one of the[...]
Fortnite Announces The Coachella Collaboration Is Returning
Epic Games revealed that they are bringing back one of the most popular collaboration events to Fortnite as Coachella will return After having a successful run last year, the two brands will once again collage to have a special island set up for people to go hang out on and have activities while listening to[...]
More Attack On Titan Content Arrives In Fortnite Today
Epic Games has launched new Attack On Titan content into Fortnite this week, as players now have access to the ODM and Thunder Spears Continuing the crossover between the two entities, players will be able to test their mastery of the ODM Gear by knocking down Titan Targets found throughout the island What's more, you'll[...]
Epic Games Launches The Unreal Editor For Fortnite
Epic Games held a special State of Unreal keynote at GDC 2023 this past week, and during that presentation, they revealed the Unreal Editor For Fortnite Essentially, they have decided to give the incredible capabilities of the Unreal Engine in ts current form to the people who they believe would use it the best: the[...]
Adobe Substance 3D Announces Partnership With Epic Games
Adobe revealed during GDC 2023 that the company has formed a new partnership with Epic Games, allowing them access with Substance 3D This new deal with give them the ability to deliver powerful tools for a new generation of game creators, which will be located in a soon-to-be-released digital marketplace later in 2023 It will also include[...]
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Has Launched
Epic Games have released a brand new season this week for Fortnite, as Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA is officially live The season goes a little cyberpunk and anime this time around as they have decorated everything in neon and LED billboards across the entire map, along with some new designs for items in the[...]
Adonis Creed Is The Next Contender To Drop Into Fortnite
Epic Games revealed their latest crossover character being added to Fortnite as Adonis Creed from the Creed/Rocky franchise is coming for a title The boxing prodigy has been added to the game in promotion for the film Creed III, as you can get his cosmetics and more from the shop and battle for additional items[...]
Touch Type Tale Launches Open Beta On Epic Games Store
Epic Games and Pumpernickel Studio have launched an Open Beta for their upcoming real-time strategy title Touch Type Tale The game takes the genre and gives it a bit of a challenge as you'll be taken back to the golden era of typing games, where the fastest fingers will get you through the toughest challenges[...]
Flakes Power Becomes Lates Addition To Fortnite Icon Series
Fans of content creator Flakes Power will be happy to see that Epic Games have decided to make him the latest addition to the Fortnite Icon Series His series set will be available starting on February 25th at 7pm ET, but those looking to have fun in advance will be able to participate in the[...]
The Witcher Arrives In Fortnite With An All-New Crossover Event
Meanwhile, Page 2 of his Quests will become available on February 28 when the devs release the v23.50 update. Credit: Epic Games "Looking for even more Geralt of Rivia items? Start your training at the School of Llama to unlock a special Pickaxe, Lobby Track, Banner Icons, and more (no Battle Pass required)! Complete in-game tasks from the[...]
Epic Games Confirms They're Shutting Down Rumbleverse
After having the news leaked this morning, it was confirmed by Epic Games this afternoon they are bringing Rumbleverse to an end This morning, Tom Henderson, who is a reliable insider source for gaming news, simply wrote, "Epic Games' Rumbleverse will be shutting down at the end of February." But didn't offer any further details[...]