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Short Nite Returns To Fortnite This Summer Starting July 23rd
Epic Games is bringing back one of the more popular events for Fortnite's Party Royale as Short Nite 2 will be returning starting on July 23rd If you didn't catch it the first time around, these are essentially mini film festivals held in Fortnite at certain times of the day on certain weekends This is[...]
LeBron James Joins Fortnite As part Of Their Icon Series
You can check out images of everything coming to the game below, including the Space Jam version if you need it, along with the trailer for the new skins. A look at The King as he appears in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games. MVP Global Icon Gold Medalist Fresh off teaming up with the Tune Squad, LeBron[...]
Is Fortnite Island Coming To Metropolis? (Spoilers)
The series has seen Batman, Catwoman and Harley Quinn kidnapped, brainwashed, and forced to fight on the Island made famous by the game from Epic Games Deathstroke, however, was there in a very different capacity On returning to Gotham, Batman ruminates with Gordon over what he has seen and experienced. Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 So we learn[...]
Auto Draft
Epic Games and Marvel appear to be working together again on Fortnite as it looks like Loki will be joining the fray as the next character As you're probably already aware, Epic has been working with a ton of people to get as many licenses into the game as possible as they're basically becoming the[...]
Renegade Raider's Homeworld in the Omniverse in Batman/Fortnite #5
Today sees the publication of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #5, which sees Batman and the other characters travel underneath the Fortnite Island and start to discover some truths about the lore of the game, all canon courtesy of Epic Games' Donald Mustard joining them for the ride. Such as the NPC guards characters being former players who[...]
Epic Games Launches Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Today
This morning, Epic Games officially launched Season 7 of Chapter 2 in Fortnite, as the Invasion has properly hit the island Along with every chapter update for this game there are a ton of changes, along with explanations to what the hell is actually going on storyline-wise with a trailer or two We have the[...]
Fornite On PC Will Be Getting A Visual Upgrade In Season Seven
Epic Games revealed this morning that when Season 7 of Chapter 2 launches in Fortnite on PC, it will come with a major visual upgrade The new additions will be lumped into the Version 17.00 update for the game, which will enhance everything about the island, the characters, weapons, animations, and more For example, sometimes[...]
FaZe Clan Announces Special Batman Fortnite Deathrun Event
Throughout this particular run of Batman comics, Epic Games has been releasing special content within the game to tie the two together and have a little fun along the way This time they have teamed with the esports franchise to make a special event that will put event the best players' skills to the test. This[...]
Fortnite Releases The New Crew Pack – Mecha Cuddle Master
Epic Games has revealed the latest Crew Pack to be added to Fortnite as players can snag the new Mecha Cuddle Master look starting in June Comprised of steel, and yet, still cuddly, the pink wonder will blast onto the game this Tuesday as players can get their hands on the latest crew outfit and[...]
The NBA & Fortnite Partner Up For The First Time During Playoffs
Epic Games has added official NBA jerseys to the game of the 20 teams that made the playoffs and the play-in rounds, giving you a chance to support your favorite team currently in the hunt for the 2021 World Title Along with that comes some special additions and modes to the game, including a couple[...]
Beast Boy From Teen Titans Makes His Way To Fortnite
If you can't wait until the 13th, you can snag Beast Boy early by completing some tasks, which we have the info on that below. Credit: Epic Games Compete to Unlock DC's Beast Boy Early with the Fortnite Teen Titans Cup! When the world (or rather, the Island) lost all control, Agent Jones knew exactly who to call[...]
Batman Zero Finally Makes Its Way Into Fortnite This Week
After a lot of teases from Epic Games and DC Comics, the Batman Zero skins finally make their way into Fortnite this week This event, Epic Games drop details as to how you can get your hands on the two specialty skins of Batman and Harley Quinn, which we have snippets of that info below[...]
Batman/Fortnite #2 $18 On eBay - But Where Do Coordinates Lead?
The first of the coordinates, 35°45'22.7"N 78°43'58.6"W, takes me to Cary, North Carolina. Google Streetview screencap Which is home to Epic Games, creators of the game Fortnite. Google Streetview screencap The second, 34°08'55.2"N 118°20'27.3"W, crosses the country to Burbank, Los Angeles, home to Warner Bros. Google Streetview screencap Which is also home to DC Comics, who are publishing the comic books[...]