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Epic Games Eventually Launches Fortnite Chapter 4 After Rough Ending
Epic Games officially launched Chapter Four of Fortnite this morning, but not before the final day of Chapter 3 ended in a massive crash Like a lot of their season-ending events, the team had a giant interactive setting you could play in until they brought the game to a close temporarily for the launch of[...]
Fortnite Announces Chapter 3 Finale Event For December 3rd
Epic Games revealed that we're two weeks away from the end of the current third season of Fortnite, with a finale on the way The event will be called "Fracture" and will be taking place on December 3rd, 2022 starting at 1pm PT The event will open up 30 minutes prior to the start time,[...]
Fall Guys Season 3 Launches Into The Depths Of Sunken Secrets
Epic Games and Mediatonic have launched the third season of Fall Guys as players head under the idea for Sunken Secrets The content will go live tomorrow, November 22nd, bringing you new aquatic challenges with, as you might have guessed, a new set of physics to deal with New courses and rounds will be taking[...]
Rumbleverse Reveals More Details On Upcoming Second Season
The team at Iron Galaxy, along with Epic Games, have revealed new details today about Season Two of Rumbleverse before it launches We got a chance to check out a new preview of what they have planned for the season in a special event where they showed off the new seaside location that has a[...]
Rocket League Sideswipe Announces Season Six Launch Date
Players must be logged into Sideswipe with the same Epic Games Account used for Rocket League in order to unlock the contents of the crossover event. Additional Updates – Season 5 Rewards, which are Player Banners and Titles, will be given out following Season 6's launch, for the highest rank the player achieved during the season[...]
The Rocket League Nike FC Cup Event Will Start On November 17th
Psyonix and Epic Games revealed details of a new event hitting Rocket League next week as the Nike FC Cup is on the way The event will take place on November 17th and run all the way through December 6th This particular event will come with a number of in-game Challenges and Rewards, a Fan[...]
BloodRayne Betrayal Is Set For Release In September
Ziggurat Interactive have released several games in the BloodRayne franchise this week specifically for the Epic Games Store Players on the platform can now get their hands on the enhanced PC versions of  BloodRayne: Terminal Cut ($14.99), BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut ($14.99), and BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites ($19.99), all updated and whatnot What's more, the[...]
Lightsabers Have Returned To Fortnite With Other Star Wars Stuff
Epic Games have brought back an old favorite to Fortnite as lightsabers have returned, along with some other Star Wars stuff It seems super odd, but yes, the fact that people are more interested in the fact that we got lightsabers back from the vault rather than the ability to play as Luke Skywalker, Leia[...]
Epic Games Teams With Ralph Lauren For New Fortnite Partnership
Epic Games announced today they have formed a new partnership with Ralph Lauren to bring the Polo brand to Fortnite Players will have a chance to add a little of that Polo stye to their closet as they will be able to equip the brand-new Polo Stadium Collection, which is sitting in the Fortnite Item[...]
Rocket League Championship Series Fall Major Tix Go On Sale
Epic Games and Psyonix have officially opened up tickets for the Rocket League Championship Series Fall Major happening in December This is one of the biggest events for the entire esports league before they get to the World Championships, as they will culminate three months of competition into a three-day tournament to crown a Fall[...]
Touch Type Tale Receives New Trailer
Epic Games and developer Pumpernickel Studio have come together to release a new hero trailer for the game Touch Type Tale This particular game is an interesting choice for Epic, as it doesn't entirely fit the mold of games they've chosen to publish or take over over the past five years If you haven't had[...]
Epic Games Announces Fortnitemares 2022 Arriving In Fortnite
Epic Games announced that they have launched their annual Halloween event in Fortnite as Fortnitemares has returned for 2022 This time around, players will be able to unleash their inner beast as DJ Lyka awaits your arrival at the Reality Tree, and will help transform you into a wolf-like monster A werewolf? No, that would[...]
Fortnite Championship Series Invitational 2022 To Happen In November
Epic Games dropped new information this week on some of the finer details of the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Invitational 2022 The team released a brand new blog detailing how the point system would go, along with other details about the event as they will determine a championship winner based on a system they've used from[...]
PC Building Simulator 2 Will Be Released In October
Spiral House and Epic Games announced that PC Building Simulator 2 will be coming to the Epic Games Store in mid-October The ultimate in PC building titles out there, the company has gone out of its way to work with as many companies as they can to create what is essentially the ultimate game of making[...]
Aya Nakamura Closes Fortnite's 2022 Soundwave Series
Epic Games revealed that Aya Nakamura will be closing out The 2022 Soundwave Series in Fortnite next weekend The record-breaking French-Malian singer will be taking the last stage of the event starting on October 6th with a weekend's worth of performances on a special island dedicated to her We have the full rundown of how[...]
Fortnite Has Launched Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise
Epic Games released the latest Season of Fortnite over the weekend as players can now experience Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise This latest season has once again gone to the trope of having something weird affecting the island, as a mysterious substance has appeared and is spreading across everything Do you dare step in it[...]
Western Digital Reveals New Fortnite Memory Card For Nintendo Switch
This is a brand new partnership between the company, Epic Games, and Nintendo, as they are giving you two different options to add officially licensed SanDisk microSDXC cards to the portable console There are two different options as you have a black version with a Skull Trooper on it with 128GB ($27) and a pink[...]
Fall Guys Announces Season 2: Satellite Scramble
Epic Games has announced the next major update for Fall Guys as they will be bringing Season 2: Satellite Scramble to the game on September 15th As you'll see from the trailer and info below, you'll be heading into a whole new set of maps and challenges with a space theme, which will bring about[...]
Fortnite Championship Series Invitational 2022 To Happen In November
Epic Games announced today that the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational 2022 will be taking place this November in Raleigh, North Carolina The event will take place from November 11th-13th at the Raleigh Convention Center, as the event will have a lineup of invited Duos from around the world who will compete against each other in[...]
Railgrade Set To Release On PC & Switch In Late September
Epic Games has revealed the official release date for their upcoming train title Railgrade, which is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC This is a somewhat futuristic management simulator game in which you'll be in charge of several railways, and you'll need to design systems to get supplies and other necessary items from one point[...]
Patrick Mahomes Is Being Added To Fortnite
Some interesting news for Fortnite and NFL fans as Epic Games will be adding Patrick Mahomes to the battle royale title The Chief's quarterback and previous SuperBowl champion/MVP joins the Icon Series as one of the many athletes to be included as part of the game He will bring a few different skins as well[...]
Fan-Favorite Fortnite Skin Llambro Comes to Hasbro with New Figure
The original Fortnite characters are always wild, and I love that about Epic Games These concepts would translate perfectly s a toy, and with Hasbro having the license they have been We have seen some pretty wild figures, but this one takes the cake with Llambro. The Battle Royale Island is about to pop and lock[...]
Hasbro Gets Sticky and Sweet with Awesome Fortnite Mancake Figure
Epic Games continues to drop new characters all the time, and some are amazing, and Hasbro has been dropping some heat with their Victory Royale Series figure line I think a Fortnite live stream would be fun and not a major one like Star Wars or Marvel Legends, but one to show what's coming and[...]
Fortnite’s Cluck Wants A Crispy Victory Royale with HasbroFigure
Epic Games continues to enhance the game with collaborations, weekly quests, and plenty of skins to keep you playing for days While the licensed skins are incredible, it is the original designs that I always love to see, as it is not often that original characters are created this much As toy collectors, thankfully, we[...]
Dragon Ball Super Comes To The World Of Fortnite Today
Epic Games has unleashed a new crossover into Fortnite today as players can power up with long monologues with the Dragon Ball Super collab Four new characters join the fray as you'll be able to snag Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus from the shop as outfits, along with several items designed from the show[...]
Epic Games Is Bringing Rocket League's RLCS Over To Fortnite
Epic Games is holding an epic esports crossover as they are bringing the Rocket League Championship Series over to Fortnite From August 9th until August 14th, you'll be able to take part in a special Rocket League World Championship map as well as watch the esports series live in the game What's more, the map[...]
Fall Guys Adds New Sonic The Hedgehog Costumes
SEGA and Epic Games have come together to add a new set of costumes to Fall Guys from the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog series These are a special set of costumes that will be added to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, as you will be getting five added to the game for[...]
The King Of Fighters Drops Two Characters Into Fall Guys
Epic Games and Mediatonic have announced a new crossover for Fall Guys as they have partnered with SNK for The King Of Fighters characters Well, like all things in this game, you can't really call it a character addition, is a costume for your bean Two, in fact, as you're getting Terry Bogard (who technically[...]