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The Epic Games Store Will Soon Be Adding Achievements
The Epic Games Store will soon be joining many of the other gaming platforms as they are about to start offering Achievements in select titles The developers announced this week that they will be enhancing the platform a bit with this new system which will be including a set of tools for developers to activate[...]
Fortnitemares Has Returned To Fortnite For October
Epic Games is bringing Halloween back to Fortnite today as they have officially launched their annual spooky event Fortnitemares in the game The team have put together a new collection of items, costumes, emotes, and more that you can snag from the item shop, as well as weekly rewards for special events happening throughout the[...]
Fortnite Announces New Musical Shows Called Soundwave Series
Epic Games has announced today they're launching a new set of musical shows appearing in Fortnite which they're calling the Soundwaves Series The company is looking to build on the success of some of the music experiences they've created in the past such as the Rift Tour and Astronomical with this new set of unique performances[...]
Fortnite Brings Balenciaga Fashion & More Batman To The Game
Epic Games has released a couple of new additions to Fortnite today as they are doing a collaboration with Balenciaga as well as the return of Batman First, the collab, as the company partners for the first time with a high-end fashion company for a special run of Balenciaga Fit Set outfits This will give[...]
DC Fandome Will Announce Fortnite Skin With New Batman/Fortnite Comic
Earlier this year, DC Comics published a Batman/Fortnite mini-series that transported Batman, Catwoman, and Deathstroke to the world of Epic Games' Fortnite, as well a GI Joe's Snake Eyes It's back with Scott Snyder for a one-shot in October and we have discovered that it will also have a download Fortnite skin, exclusive to the[...]
Fortnite Finally Reveals Details To Chapter 2 Season 8
After dealing with an alien invasion and teasing new buff unicorn skins, Epic Games finally revealed details for Fortnite's latest season Chapter 2 Season 8 starts today and with it comes a few new additions and changes Specifically with the terrifying fact that the Cubes are back and wreaking havoc on the new island Or,[...]
Fortnite Teases Chapter 2 Season 8 With Aliens & Sparklemane
Epic Games decided to throw one of their regular Fortnite events today to close out Chapter 2 Season 7, and of course, it got weird So if you haven't been paying attention to the storyline currently happening in the game, we honestly won't blame you because even for those of us following the events in[...]
Remedy Entertainment Announces Alan Wake Remastered
Remedy Entertainment announced this morning they are releasing Alan Wake Remastered, being published by Epic Games This is going to be the most complete version of the 2010 game you can get, which will include the primary game and the two expansions, The Signal and The Writer All of which will be newly rendered with[...]
Fortnite Will Launch Chapter 2 Season 7 On September 12th
Epic Games is apparently planning something awesome in Fortnite as there is a special finale on the way for Chapter 2 Season 7 It seems only fitting that as we come to the conclusion of this part of the story, we'd end up dealing with aliens of some kind Especially after the team has brought[...]
J Balvin Joins The Fortnite Icon Series This Week
We got the rundown of everything being added to the game on August 24th as well as some of the events you can take part in to celebrate the addition. A look at the J Balvin content in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games. Players are able to purchase the items of the Set individually or as part[...]
The Epic Games Store is headed to mobile devices.
Epic Games has announced today that they have opened their self-publishing beta for the Epic Games Store to game developers and publishers This is the official begining of getting the EGS to where Steam is where game devs can publish their games on the platform without having to go through a lengthy process with another[...]
Fortnite Launches Its New Imposters Mode Today
Epic Games has launched a brand new mode into Fortnite today as players can go experience being Impostors for the first time The new mode will have you interacting with a group of players as you try to determine who are the Impostors and get rid of them before it's too late We're of two[...]
Wonder Woman Dives Into Fortnite For Latest Event
Epic Games and DC Comics bring their latest crossover to light as Wonder Woman will be headed to the Fortnite island for an event Continuing the Invasion storyline where they are grabbing the greatest heroes they can to help, the Themysciran warrior (clad in her Armored variant) will arrive in the game with her look[...]