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Civilization VI Frontier Pass

Civilization VI Is Free On The Epic Games Store, Crossplay With Steam

The new DLC pack for Sid Meier's Civilization VI dropped today, and it came with a surprise not mentioned in the patch notes or promotional materials. Users who logged into Civ 6 today after installing the DLC pack or updating to the latest patch found themselves greeted with a new multiplayer mode called "Internet (Unified PC […]

Epic Games is Removing Look Controls From "Fortnite"

Next-Generation Consoles Will Have Fortnite At Launch

Fortnite fans rejoice! The popular online survival game is coming to the next generation of consoles at launch. Unfortunately, this isn't a new Fortnite game — but it will be more readily available for players over a number of platforms. Epic Games tells fans that while specifics can't be shared at the moment, Epic Games […]

Ninja Claims He'd Be A Top Fortnite Player If He Put In Effort

You know it's one of those slow weekends when everyone is giving Ninja criticism about a new comment he made about being a Fortnite player. It seems like every month or so, there's a new criticism of the streamer from some kind of commentary he's made, whether it be from his stance on playing with […]

Epic Games Niagra Unreal Improvement

Epic Games Released Unreal Engine 4.25 With Next-Gen Support

Some interesting news this past week from Epic Games as the company released Unreal Engine 4.25 with some new and unexpected support. The company was happy to announce that the latest update will support development for games made for the Xbox Series X and the PS5. The update also includes the Unreal Insights profiling application, […]

Kirby Fortnite

Everyone's Freaking Out About Seeing Kirby In A Fortnite Trailer

Social media is freaking out with speculation this weekend after Nintendo's own Kirby showed up in a Fortnite hype video from Epic Games. Just to give you a little context of what we're talking about, this week the company promoted their major Party Royale event featuring Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and Deadmau5 playing three gigs in a […]

Fortnite Party Royale

Epic Games Reveals A Massive Fortnite Event With Party Royale

Epic Games revealed today they're going to take the live concert thing a step further in Fortnite as they'll be throwing a Party Royale. The last few times the devs threw an in-game concert, they continually racked up higher and higher numbers for consecutive players in a game at one time. The most recent being […]

Fortnite Lightsabers Star Wars

Lightsabers have Returned To Fortnite For A Limited Time

It looks like Epic Games has reached that point of self-quarantine where they're digging into their closet full of old Fortnite toys. Over the past couple of years, as the game has dominated the battle royale marketplace, they've done a lot of promotions with different companies., Once those promos are done, they toss the awesome […]

Fortnite Travis Scott

Travis Scott's Fortnite Concert Scored 12.3 Million Users

Travis Scott gave Epic Games one of the best weekends it has ever had as his Fortnite concert brought in 12.3 million users. There have been many events in the game's short history that have brought a ton of attention to the game. A rocket ship breaking the sky, a volcano erupting in the middle […]

GamersVSCovid Fortnite Charity Streamathon

GamersVSCovid To Hold Fortnite Charity Streamathon On April 26th

This weekend, GamersVSCovid will be throwing a special Fortnite a charity streamathon in support of Direct Relief. Working together with Streamlabs, Razer, and Logitech G, the event will be hosted by former NBA pro Nate Robinson, YouTube personality Michelle Phan, and Team SoloMid's ZexRow and Reverse2K for what will be a 12-hour event on Sunday, April […]

X-Force Fortnite

Marvel's X-Force Has Joined Fortnite For A Limited Time

If you're going to keep bringing in Marvel characters into Fortnite, you might as well do it with some of the cooler and stranger characters. Three new skins have been added to the game as part of a new challenge week. You now have the chance to get Cabel, Domino, and Psylocke to add to […]

Epic Games Store Announces Several New Games Coming In Spring

Today the Epic Games Store announced several new titles coming to their shop over the Spring of 2020, some of which being exclusives. Some of the big profile additions are the latest DLC for Control, Samurai Shodown, Industries Of Titan, and Totally Reliable Delivery Service. You can read the full list of Epic Games Store […]

Several "Fortnite" Leaks Reveal Changes & Updates Coming

Several "Fortnite" Leaks Reveal Changes & Updates Coming

A couple of new leaks from hackers show what's on the way for Fortnite, as they will change a few things and add something new that's kinda unnecessary. First, let's get to the unnecessary part, as it appears you'll soon be able to customize the bus. Yes, that blue hunk of glory that you dive […]

You Can Now Wishlist Items on the Epic Games Store

You Can Now Wishlist Items on the Epic Games Store

If you've been using the Epic Games Store to make most of your video game purchases, you'll be pleased to know there's now an additional feature you've likely been missing: the ability to add games to a wishlist on the platform. The Epic Games Store originally launched in 2018, but it's been bereft of the […]

Epic Games Store Reveals Their Free Games For March 2020

The Epic Games Store is doing its own version of monthly free games, which are mostly indie titles that you can download and play for a short time. This week the company revealed everything that you can snag in the month of March. The five games are Offworld Trading Company, GoNNER, Anodyne 2: Return To […]

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"Fortnite" Season 2 Has A New Faction Wars Leak

It's been a minute since we've had a juicy Fortnite leak, but a good one is now making the rounds as a critical addition to Season 2 has been revealed. According to iFireMonkey on Twitter, the devs are gearing up to have a faction battle. Right now you can join one of two factions in […]

FaZe Clan Bans "Fortnite" Player "Dubs" After Dropping A Racial Slur

FaZe Clan has announced that they have banned one of their competitive Fortnite players indefinitely after they dropped a racial slur on a livestream. According to multiple reports online, Daniel "Dubs" Walsh was playing live on someone else's stream when the 15-year-old player dropped the N-word. That was enough for FaZe to remove him from […]

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"Apex Legends" Players Call Out "Fortnite" For Copying Loot Vaults

Apex Legends fans aren't too happy with Epic Games this week as Fortnite's Season 2 of Chapter 2 has copied one of the game's hallmark additions. Last week, the company finally launches Season 2 with a new spy theme going for it, and with it came a number of new additions to the game. One […]

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Epic Games Launches "Fortnite" Chapter 2 Season 2

This morning, Epic Games officially launched Season 2 in Chapter 2 of Fortnite with a bunch of new additions to the game. Basically, it's super-spy and secret agency mode for this season as you'll be seeing a lot of, well, secret stuff. Check out the trailer and some of the brief notes on the additions […]

You Can Now RickRoll Players In "Fortnie" With A New Emote

You Can Now RickRoll Players In "Fortnite" With A New Emote

You ever feel like sending someone a RickRoll in the middle of a Fortnite match? Well, now you can with a brand new emote. Epic Games threw in a brand new emote this week that will have you never giving up and never letting people down for life. Rick Astley made the announcement on behalf […]

Harley Quinn Officially Invades "Fortnite" With A New Skin

Harley Quinn Officially Invades "Fortnite" With A New Skin

With Birds Of Prey officially out, the folks at Epic Games have partnered with Warner Bros. to release a Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite. The skin actually comes in a pack that you can purchase in the Item Shop, which comes with the Harley Quinn Outfit, Harley Hitter, and Punchline Pickaxes. For those of you […]