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Hasbro Open Up Fan-Vote for Next Fortnite Victory Royale Figure 
It has felt like Hasbro's Fortnite Victory Royale Series has come to a standstill, with not a lot of movement in the line The first set of figures were pretty fantastic just from the detail, articulation, and design alone Whether you're a Fortnite fan or not, these figures are the perfect army builders for any[...]
Robocop Has Been Added To Fortnite For A Short Time
Fortnite has a brand new limited-run addition to the game as you can now play as Robocop Well, wear a skin of Robocop, let's be real For a limited time only from May 13th to May 21st, Epic Games and MGM have partnered to bring Detroit's finest to the game as you can snag a[...]
Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #3 to Offer Wolverine Digital Download
Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #3 is coming in August, and the comic surely contains art and a story… we guess But that's not why anyone is buying it, of course People just want those download codes, baby! And Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #3 has the best kind of download code: a Wolverine one[...]
Star Wars Lightsabers Return To Fortnite For A Limited Time
Tomorrow, on May 4th, Epic Games will partner with Disney again to bring the famous Star Wars lightsabers back to Fortnite In celebration of the franchise's own holiday, May the 4th, the game will be getting several items added to the shop as well as some rewards for you to claim First off, yes, you're[...]
In Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1, Hal Jordan goes crazy and becomes Parallax, then attempts to reboot the DC Uni… oh, wait, sorry, that's the plot of the 1998 DC Comics super-mega-crossover event, Zero Hour This one is even stupider: it's a video game tie-in where Wolverine, Shuri, and Spider-Man team up with characters[...]
Street Fighter’s Blanka & Sakura Have Arrived In Fortnite
Those of you hoping for more Street Fighter characters to come to Fortnite, good news! Blanka and Sakura have arrived this week! The game will be adding the characters today on the mobile version for the first of two cups, while the PC and console versions will see them added tomorrow, April 28th We got[...]
Fortnite's Soundwave Series Sets New Dates With Rapper Emicida
Epic Games revealed the next concert coming to the Fortnite Soundwave Series as they'll present Brazilian rapper Emicida next weekend Starting on April 29th and running all the way through May 2nd, the game will throw a special set of concerts in multiple in-game locations where Emicida will be performing for everyone who decides to attend[...]
Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1 Gets Trailer, Jim Cheung Cover
If you've followed the press surrounding the upcoming Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic, or the previous Fortnite DC Comics collaboration, you might be tempted to think these things exist solely as a way to collect money from gullible Fortnite players looking to get their hands on codes for exclusive downloadable items in the game[...]
Free Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine Items With Fortnite X Marvel Comic
Marvel Comics and Epic Games have revealed the type of download items that will be given away with special codes in the upcoming Fortnite X Marvel Zero War comic book series beginning in June When they did a similar DC Comics crossover, with Batman, it led to mass panic for people to get those download[...]
The Wu-Tang Clan Are Coming To Take Over Fortnite
In a crossover that we believe may be more epic than all things DC or Marvel, the Wu-Tang Clan has arrived to take over Fortnite More specifically, they're taking over the game in a new collaboration that will bring about new Wu-Ware to the store, along with emotes, gear, sprats, and other cosmetics On April[...]
Marvel Prepares Comic Shops With Details Of Free Fortnite Downloads
Fortnite download codes caused madness in comic book stores when they were included in the Batman Fortnite comic books a few years ago Now it's Marvel Comics' turn and maybe, just maybe, people will be prepared this time Maybe. As previously announced, each first-print issue of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1-5 will contain a code redeemable[...]
Fortnite Is Bringing The Sights & Sounds Of Coachella To The Game
Epic Games has something special planned for Fortnite players as they will be bringing the experience of Coachella to you with Alto and Poet Starting today and running for the next two weeks over the course of the music festival (as well as certain additions until May 16th), you'll be able to take part in[...]
Coca-Cola Adds New Flavor In Fortnite & Real Life
In a first for the company, Coca-Cola has released a video-game-inspired flavor both for Fortnite and being released in the real world The new flavor is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, which the company revealed is their first official product that was first released in the "metaverse", meaning you got to experience the drink digitally before[...]
Fortnite: Zero Build Officially Launches Today
Epic Games has launched a brand new mode into Fortnite that will make things interesting for a bit as Zero Build has come to the game For those of you who have ever wondered what it would be like to play the game without all of those pesky building mechanics, well now you're in luck,[...]
Zero War: Marvel Announces Fortnite Variant Covers for May
Fortnite may have driven weeks worth of traffic here on Bleeding Cool with the digital codes they were giving away in that Batman comic last year, but ahead of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War, the House of Ideas is out to prove that the comics industry won't be outdone in the realm of shameless gimmickry[...]