Someone Leaks A Remastered XBLA Version Of Goldeneye 007

Someone leaked a complete gameplay video of a remastered version of the 2010 Goldeneye 007 game meant for Xbox Live Arcade. A small history lesson for those not in the know: rare originally developed the first Goldeneye 007 game for the N64, making a multiplayer game with a campaign based on the 1995 James Bond film of the same name. The game was a hit, to say the least, and for ages, people wanted to see the game be brought back to life on a modern console. Which they got when Activision somehow got the rights to do a reimagined version of the game with Daniel Craig as bond instead of Pierce Brosnan, and more content added to the game to make it a little more competitive and richer for multiplayer. While fun and modern as it was released on the Nintendo Wii, it's pretty much accepted the 2010 version doesn't quite hold up to the original. But that didn't stop Xbox from wanting to do a remaster of their own for Xbox Live Arcade.

The saga of Goldeneye, a game that helped redefine multiplayer. Courtesy of MGM.
The saga of Goldeneye, a game that helped redefine multiplayer. Courtesy of MGM.

Apparently, the company got through the process of getting the source code and had worked their way to remastered the remaster for XBLA, but just could never get all the parties involved to make it work. As Xbox's Phil Spencer said on Twitter, there were "Lots of different parties to work with, we've always given up." This makes sense when you figure Rare (which is now owned by Microsoft) had to enter into a deal with MGM (who owns the Bond franchise), and the game was eventually published by Nintendo. Add in the fact they're working off the Activision 2010 build and that's a recipe for too many cooks wanting their fair share of the pie to make it worthwhile to publish. But thanks to whoever leaked the footage you see below, we can now get a taste of what that might have played like. This video shows the complete Goldeneye 007 experience, with multiplayer and Brosnan returned to the role of Bond.

Oh, what could have been. And who knows, maybe this will spark interest in all sides again to cooperate and get the thing released so everyone can play it.

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