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Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A Triple Vinyl Soundtrack
Xbox Game Studios and Rare will be working with iam8bit to release this special edition of the game's complete soundtrack, complete with a 24-page bound-in storybook, pop-up center labels, and specially designed vinyl that will feel like a treasure unto itself You can pre-order the album right now on the label's website for $100, with[...]
Auto Draft
You can read the full patch notes here as we have a note from the devs as posted on Xbox Wire below, along with the trailer. A look at the artwork for Season Two, courtesy of Rare. The Forts of Fortune have arrived, marked by an ominous new form of Skull Cloud looming in the skies over[...]
Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Player Milestone & Third Anniversary
Microsoft and Rare revealed a couple of awesome things for Sea Of Thieves this week as the game has hit a specific milestone The game has officially surpassed 20 Million players since it launched back in March 2018, hitting a new player record for the title What's more, it came right in time for the[...]
Someone Leaks A Remastered XBLA Version Of Goldeneye 007
A small history lesson for those not in the know: rare originally developed the first Goldeneye 007 game for the N64, making a multiplayer game with a campaign based on the 1995 James Bond film of the same name The game was a hit, to say the least, and for ages, people wanted to see[...]
Sea Of Thieves Officially Launches Season One
Rare and Microsoft revealed that they have officially launched Season One in Sea Of Thieves for the latest content A bit of a first considering the game has been out for a couple years now, but yes, they are now doing seasonal content with all the missions, treasures, and costumes you would expect for it[...]
Sea Of Thieves Crew Art
Multiple Sea Of Thieves streamers have publicly announced they are quitting the game claiming developer Rare has failed to address community issues The story is coming from Kotaku, who is reporting that popular streams such as SayHeyRocco, Carrillo, Jason Sulli, and GullibleGambit revealed this week that they are officially leaving the game behind and moving[...]
Sea Of Thieves Launches The Free Vaults Of The Ancients Update
Rare just released the free September update for Sea Of Thieves as players can now start their search for the Vaults Of The Ancients You'll now have the chance to embark on journeys and find the perilous Puzzle Vaults from a bygone age, which according to the devs have "more recently been repurposed by the[...]
Battletoads Is Getting An Legacy Edition & Vinyl Soundtrack
The original Tradewest title for the NES, now under the Rare umbrella, is getting a glorious return to cartridge form with an entry into the Legacy Cartridge Collection Much like games that have come before it, you're getting everything from a special foil box to a custom dist cover to special artwork and inserts to[...]
The New Battletoads Game Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass On August 20th
You can check out the latest trailer for the game as the devs show off more than just a few funny cutscenes and give you an idea of how the game will play out in this amazing three-player couch co-op platformer. Credit: Rare Zitz, Rash and Pimple are three brawling bruisers from outer space who can morph[...]
Exceptional-Condition English Pokémon Red Version On Auction
The main task of this game is to catch 'em all! There is a fair amount of battling and trading in order to evolve these mysterious beasts, some of which are so rare that there is only one available in the game at all Part of the allure of Pokémon Red and Blue Versions was[...]
Rare 1st Edition Holographic Venusaur Pokémon Card On Auction
The find in question: a rare, holographic, first-edition printing of Venusaur from the Pokémon Trading Card Game's Base Set This auction is set to end on July 11th, 2020, at 4:50PM Eastern Time, or 3:50PM Central Time. The artwork for Venusaur from the Pokémon Trading Card Game's original Base Set Illustrated by Mitsuhiro Arita[...]
Super-Rare Tamamushi University Magikarp Pokémon Card On Auction
This auction ends on July 9th at 2:50 PM Eastern Time, or 1:50 PM Central Time. The artwork for the Tamamushi University Magikarp from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, on auction now at Heritage Auctions! Illustrated by Ken Sugimori. This rare Magikarp Pokémon card was given out to a prize in the Tamamushi University Hyper Test, so[...]
Rare Moltres Pokémon Card From Tropical Mega Battle On Auction
In fact, right now they are auctioning off a number of super-rare and valuable cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game One such card is a phone card from the "Tropical Mega Battle" featuring the likeness of a Moltres Pokémon card, which is up for auction until July 9th, at 2:50PM Eastern Time. Artwork featuring Moltres[...]
Pokémon: In Truly Feel-Good Moment, Man Opens 1st Edition Charizard
A rare, first edition Base Set Charizard from the original Pokémon Trading Card Game is on auction right now at Heritage Auctions It is currently on the block for $8,750 USD (as of the time of writing) and is graded at a Mint 9 grade and the auction ends on July 9th. The artwork for the[...]
Mint-Grade Tropical Mega Battle Zapdos Pokémon Card On Auction
The Pokémon Trading Card Game has had a bunch of electrifyingly-rare cards in short circulation over the years From "Trainer No.1" to "Illustrator Pikachu," all the way to Parent/Child Battle Kangaskhan (said to be one of the earliest Holy Grails of the game's collectability), Pokémon cards can be one shockingly-hot commodity for collectors[...]