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"No Time To Die": 3 New Images and 1 New Poster

"No Time to Die": Lea Seydoux Says the Movie is Emotional, Moving

Léa Seydoux, who plays Madeleine Swann in No Time to Die cautions her latest film will have audiences feeling emotional. Speaking with the Daily Mail, the actor mentioned how heavy emotions play into Daniel Craig's final Bond film. Seydoux played Madeleine since its predecessor, Spectre (2015). "There's a lot of emotion in this Bond. It's […]

We're Getting 'Bond 25' News Tomorrow; Title, Art, and More!

Amazon Prime Video Adds For April: James Bond, The Lighthouse, More

Coming to Amazon Prime Video in April will be, well, a ton of James Bond. You can tell they made the deal to stream all of these films before No Time To Die, the latest film, was delayed until November. Pretty much every Bond film not starring Daniel Craig will hit the service on April […]

"No Time To Die": Daniel Craig Says They Struggled to Keep Trump out of the Movie

Daniel Craig Dreamed Aboout Being Spidey, Supes, NOT Bond

Daniel Craig is the best Bond. Fight me. Sorry, I don't personally feel the old Bond movies hold up, and I quite enjoy the modern take on the spy. I understand that that will upset almost everyone, and that is fine. What isn't fine is that if Daniel Craig had his way, he would have […]

James Bond #4 Extended Preview

Massive Protocol Violations in James Bond #4 [Extended Preview]

James Bond #4 is in stores from Dynamite tomorrow, and we've got an EX-X-XCLUSIVE EX-X-XTENDED preview of the issue right here on Bleeding Cool.   Last issue, Brandy Keyes finally got her painting back, as well the illuminating experience of joining James Bond on a mission. Now, we visit Florence, where a crowd has gathered […]

007 Bond Binge: From Russia with Love

007 Bond Binge: "From Russia With Love"

When James Bond returns in this classic Cold War thriller, From Russia With Love, don't you dare say "Sophomore Slump." While later films Goldfinger and Thunderball would dominate the box office, win Academy Awards, and become the templates for future Bond films, From Russia With Love remains the film that those who worked on the […]

Daniel Craig Talks About Why He Took on the Role of James Bond

Daniel Craig Talks About Why He Took on the Role of James Bond

Now that we're four movies in its kind of hard to imagine that Casino Royale was something of a risky move when it first came out. The James Bond movies had just finished on a bit of a bad note with Die Another Day and there was a four-year gap between the new and the old. The […]

'My Spy': Dave Bautista Shifts Release Date Back a Month to April 17th

'My Spy': Dave Bautista Shifts Release Date Back a Month to April 17th

My Spy, the upcoming comedy film starring Dave Bautista, has shifted release dates yet again. The film was originally supposed to release in August of lats year, then again from this past January to March 13th, and now it will be delayed again to April 17th. That means it takes the date Trolls World Tour […]

“Saturday Night Live”: Daniel Craig’s Awkward Bond-Related Promo

"Saturday Night Live": Daniel Craig's Awkward Bond-Related Promo

The timing couldn't be worse for Daniel Craig's hosting gig for NBC's Saturday Night Live. The promo he shot came just before MGM, Universal, and Eon Productions announced the delay of his latest film No Time to Die to November due to coronavirus concerns globally. The studios originally scheduled the film's release for April 10th. […]

New "No Time To Die" TV Spot

"No Time to Die": Pushed to November 2020 for Full Global Push

The ripple effects from the coronavirus globally pushed one of the most anticipated films of 2020 in No Time to Die. MGM, Eon, and Universal decided to push the final Daniel Craig Bond film to November 2020 in hopes Asian box office recovered by then, according to Deadline Hollywood. The studios released a joint statement. Statement […]

Bond Gets His Very Own Birth Movies Death Special Issue

Bond Gets His Very Own Birth Movies Death Special Issue

Bond releases are always special, and this years No Time to Die is no different. As they have with other big film releases, Birth Movies Death will publish a special all-Bond issue celebrating the rich history of the character and his latest adventure on the big screen. Their level of detail, amazing essays, and film […]

APRIL 09, 2019: Coastal Cinema sign over entrance to movie theater at Coastal City shopping mall in Shenzhen.

Coronavirus Could Cost Global Film Industry $5 Billion

Coronavirus is effecting pretty much everything right now, and one industry affected will be the film business. From production shutdowns to theater closings, serious money is being lost in Hollywood and the global film industry. In China alone, filmgoing has halted completely, as the 70,000 movie houses sit empty. Similar situations are already starting to […]

James Bond

James Bond's No Time To Die Aston Martin DB5 at London Film and Comic Con

This weekend saw Universal go all out for James Bond: No Time To Die, with livery all over the London Film And Comic Con – Spring edition at Kensington Olympia. And that included the actual custom-built Aston Martin DB5 used in the movie that is, apparently, worth a cool million pounds. At least that's what […]

Phoebe Waller-Bridge "Really Excited" to Write Dialog for James Bond in 'Bond 25'

"No Time To Die": Phoebe Waller-Bridge Talks Her Script Revisions

It was a long road to get to the big screen for No Time To Die and with that long journey comes plenty of ups and downs. It looked like the movie wasn't going to happen with star Daniel Craig and then they gained and lost a director in Danny Boyle. There has been plenty of interesting things that […]

New "No Time To Die" Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Teases Story Details

New "No Time To Die" Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Teases Story Details

The fact that No Time To Die exists at all is kind of amazing. After all of the behind-the-scenes issues and going back to the fact that star Daniel Craig once said that he would rather slit his own wrists than do another James Bond movie. Yet here we are and it looks like No Time To Die […]

007 Bond Binge: Dr. No

007 Bond Binge: Dr. No

"Bond. James Bond." When Sean Connery uttered that classic line as his first piece of dialogue in 1961's Dr. No, he changed the course of cinema history forever. The Bond franchise, now in its seventh decade, has produced 25 official films, several unofficial and spoof films, and remains one of the top film franchises of […]

“Bond”: “No Time to Die” Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer

8 New Pictures from "No Time To Die" Show Off the Main Cast

It's been quite the journey to get No Time To Die to the big screen. The production schedules for James Bond movies tend to be a bit of a hellscape but this one seemed to be even worse than usual. There was a debate for a long time whether or not star Daniel Craig would return and […]

REVIEW: James Bond #2 -- "Serious Issues Of Balance In The Pacing Here"

REVIEW: James Bond #2 — "Serious Issues Of Balance In The Pacing Here"

(Dynamite Entertainment, creative team: Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, Eric Gapstur, Roshan Kurichiyanil, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou) While this issue was an improvement over the previous installment as it had much more involvement from its title character, but some structural challenges remain. The insurance investigator introduced last month is now partnered with Bond, thanks to her subject matter […]