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James Bond's Aston Martin Is Coming To Rocket League
Psyonix announced today a new IP will be headed to Rocket League as a staple of James Bond will be added as a new car The team will be adding in the classic Bond car, his '60s Aston Martin, ready to jump into the game on July 29th It doesn't come with all of the[...]
Dynamite Entertainment is launching and relaunching Purgatori, Jennifer Blood, and James Bond, and marrying off Vampirella in Dynamite Entertainment's October 2021 solicitations And more variant covers than you can count… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 16%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ VAMPIRELLA #25 CVR A PARRILLO DYNAMITE AUG210599 AUG210600[...]
Dynamite To Publish James Bond Comic About Sex-Trafficking In October
Dynamite has announced that American Gods and Killadelphia writer Rodney Barnes is the writer of a new James Bond comic book series launching in October, James Bond: Himeros, drawn by Antonio Fuso and coloured by Adriano Augusto in which "Bond must enter the dangerous and sensitive world of sex trafficking The new series, titled after the Greek god[...]
Bond: George Lazenby’s Birthday Wishes to Fellow 007 Timothy Dalton
George Lazenby, the second actor to play 007 in the MGM's James Bond franchise, wished successor Timothy Dalton, the fourth in the role, a happy 75th birthday The On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) star shared a photo of the two Bonds together on March 21st over Twitter, writing, "From one fella to another… Happy[...]
Catherine Tate and Daniel Craig On Why It's Fine If James Bond Is Gay
But as everm there are always highlights and Catherine Tate reviving her grotesque old woman character Nan, encountering James Bond as played by Daniel Craig, calling in to M at MI6 It's still available on the BBC iPlayer to people in the the UK And very kindly, the BBC have slapped it on YouTube so[...]
Why Does James Bond Join Blofeld In James Bond: Agent Of Spectre?
Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond series of novels and films is a criminal mastermind with aspirations of world domination, and head of the global criminal organisation SPECTRE Antagonist of Bond, he was originally written by Fleming as a physically massive and powerfully built man, standing around 6' 3" and weighing 20 stone, who[...]
Dynamite May 2021 Solicitations
Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat launch a new Invincible Red Sonja comic book from Dynamite Entertainment in their May 2021 solicitations, alongside Vampirella, James Bond: Agent Of Spectre and a J Scott Campbell statue of Dejah Thoris Looks like Dynamite are staging a bit of a recovery… INVINCIBLE RED SONJA #1 CVR A CONNER DYNAMITE MAR210726 (W) Jimmy[...]
Someone Leaks A Remastered XBLA Version Of Goldeneye 007
A small history lesson for those not in the know: rare originally developed the first Goldeneye 007 game for the N64, making a multiplayer game with a campaign based on the 1995 James Bond film of the same name The game was a hit, to say the least, and for ages, people wanted to see[...]
Dynamite April 2021
Remember when Captain America said "Hail Hydra" and the world went mad? Launching from Dynamite in March, that's what James Bond will be doing in the comic book series James Bond: Agent Of Spectre by Daredevil TV writer Christos Gage, drawn by longstanding James Bond artist Luca Casalanguida and covers (just the one) by Sean[...]
Steven Soderbergh Almost Directed a James Bond Movie
We found out about a new one this week director Steven Soderbergh was approached to direct a James Bond movie He was recently on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast (via The Playlist) and he confirmed that the talks happened, but he just couldn't see eye to eye with the producers of the Bond movies. "Absolutely, I love that[...]
Star Trek: Ronald D. Moore Reflects on DS9 Bond-Inspired Episode
Julian Bashir, played by Alexander Siddig, who finds himself in a transporter accident and placed in a holosuite program in the role of a secret agent tuxedo and all evoking shades of the 1960's James Bond films His objective is to complete the mission and save the day before he can resume his normal life. Alexander[...]
IO Interactive Reveals They're Working On A James Bond Video Game
This morning, IO Interactive revealed they will be working with MGM Studios to produce a brand new James Bond video game Right now it's simply being called Project 007, which we're sure will eventually change once they find a better title The company will be also be working in collaboration with EON Productions and Delphi[...]
No Time to Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
For anyone who's a trivia hound, one eagle-eyed observer @Bondblog on Twitter noticed with the latest result in the 2020 presidential election in former Vice President Joe Biden becoming the President-elect, his opponent and incumbent Donald Trump becomes the first to never have a James Bond film released during his administration since the franchise began[...]
No Time to Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
Despite numerous delays for No Time to Die, it looks like MGM and Eon Productions are giving director Cary Joji Fukunaga an open seat at the table to develop any future James Bond projects if and when a successor for Daniel Craig is chosen "He's certainly someone we'll work with again," producer Michael G Wilson[...]
Tom Hardy, Pokémon GO, Jeff Goldblum – Daily LITG, 13th October 2020
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Tom Hardy in Legend (2015) All rights reserved, courtesy Studiocanal and Universal. LITG: Pokémon GO, Tom Hardy and Jeff Goldblum – the ten most-read stories yesterday… What you were reading yesterday, the numbers don't lie. We Can Do Better Than Tom Hardy as James Bond Jurassic World: Jeff[...]