The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

A Hacker Is Holding The Xbox Series X Graphics Source Code Ransom

In what is going to be a very interesting plot to a film we have yet to see written, the Xbox Series X graphics source code has been stolen. It's not missing, it's just been hacked. Torrent Freak broke the news this week, starting with the fact that AMD filed at least two DMCA notices […]


Microsoft is Offering Free "Minecraft Education" Content Now

Times are rough, and it's hard to stay entertained and focused when we're going through a global pandemic. That's why Microsoft is offering free Minecraft Education content to help kids out of school learn while they're away from class. Heading to the Minecraft marketplace, you'll find a new Education collection that you can select several […]

"Minecraft Dungeons" Gets A New Video Explaining The Lore

Microsoft and Mojang have released a new video this week for Minecraft Dungeons as they attempt to explain the lore behind the game. This is the final episode of a series of videos they've released over the past couple of months in which they try to explain the game to everyone. Whether you be a […]

Microsoft Shows Off What's Inside The Xbox Series X

With GDC 2020 not happening right now, Microsoft has decided to show off more of the Xbox Series X with what they would have shown on the floor. The company posted a new entry on Xbox Wire, posting a ton of info on what the components are. It's a hefty little tower they've put together, […]

Microsoft's E3 2019 Presentation Will Show Off 14 First Party Games

Xbox Servers Experiencing High Volume With Server Issues Today

Microsoft is seeing the best and the worst of people gaming while the coronavirus is in effect as the Xbox is loaded with online gamers. First and foremost, Xbox's Phil Spencer seemed to be enthusiastic that players had taken to their consoles while self-quarantining themselves. As he talked on Twitter about it a couple of […]

"Sea Of Thieves" Receives A New "Heart Of Fire" Update

"Sea Of Thieves" Receives A New "Heart Of Fire" Update

Rare released details today about the latest update that's been added to Sea Of Thieves, as players will now be exploring the new treasures in Heart Of Fire. The new free update brings with it a fresh story as you'll get to play a new Tall Tale. Thus continuing the sagas of Pendragon and Captain […]

Microsoft Reveals Two More Xbox One Special Edition Controllers

Microsoft revealed two new controllers today for the Xbox One, as we're getting a couple of special edition wireless versions with new colors. The two in question are the Arctic Camo on the left and the Phantom Magenta on the right. We have the details on both for you below, and if you want to […]

"Sea Of Thieves" Will Be Getting Chain Shot Cannonballs

"Sea Of Thieves" Will Be Getting Chain Shot Cannonballs

Need a cannonball with a little extra damage and malice to it? Sea Of Thieves will be getting some special ones next week that will do the damage. The chain shot cannonball is basically what it sounds like. You got two halves of a cannonball linked together by a chain. Aside from being able to […]

Microsoft Drops Out Of GDC 2020 Over Coronavirus Concerns

Microsoft Drops Out Of GDC 2020 Over Coronavirus Concerns

Microsoft has become the latest company to announce they've pulled out of GDC 2020 over concerns regarding the coronavirus. We apologize if this is starting to sound like a broken record, but the company issued a statement (which we have a bit of it for you below) stating their decision. They will be going to a […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Microsoft Offers A Look Into The Xbox Series X Ahead of GDC 2020

Earlier today, Microsoft posted a brand new entry on Xbox Wire, giving fans a bit of a preview into the Xbox One X before GDC 2020 comes around. The blog post gives you a little bit more info on what the console will have in store for players, but it really doesn't give away everything. […]

"Sea Of Thieves" Free Crews of Rage Update

"Sea Of Thieves" Receives Free "Crews Of Rage" Update

Rare has released the next free monthly update for Sea Of Thieves, as February brings about the Crews Of Rage to the high seas. Like many updates, this one comes with new quests, treasures, tasks, missions, and cosmetics. This time around you'll encounter Ashen Skeletons who are guarding highly volatile but rewarding treasure. You can […]

Xbox Ambassadors Is Looking For A New Host Through Mixer

Would you like to be the next host of Xbox Ambassadors? Microsoft is looking for a new host, but they're doing it through Mixer. Microsoft sent out a notice this week they're looking for someone new to host the show who is both a frequent gamer who streams live on Mixer. From now until March […]

"Halo Infinite" Devs Show Off New Sound Effects Recording Sessions

It may not be the preview of coming attractions you'd like, but the devs at 343 Industries decided to give a preview of things you'll hear in Halo Infinite. The team decided to post a couple videos to their Instagram for the game to show off some of the sound effects being recorded that you'll […]

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Microsoft Offers To Pay Xbox Users Who Find Bugs

Microsoft is offering cold hard cash to Xbox players who use their products on a regular basis to find bugs and report them so they can be fixed. The company posted a notice for the Xbox Bounty Program, in which they are offering cash rewards to players who find legitimate bugs in their system. With […]

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

If you're in the Project xCloud Preview, Microsoft likely just made your day. There's a whole new series of new titles that just got added to the project's streaming library. The invite-only test that allows players to try out Xbox One titles over the cloud streamed to mobile devices now includes a wider variety of […]

"Sea Of Thieves" Just Got A Free Update For January

"Sea Of Thieves" Just Got A Free Update For January

The devs at rare just put a new free update into Sea Of Thieves for January 2020, with a couple of interesting additions to explore. The big addition is to seek out the Legends of the Sea, in which you'll work with Umbra the scribe who got away from Captain Bronzebeard. She's now on the […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

We May Now Know What Ports Are On The Back Of The Xbox Series X

During CES 2020, we may have inadvertently gotten a look at what the port situation is on the Xbox Series X and what it will be capable of. For the most part, we've only seen the main image you see below, which is the front of the tower showing off a disc slit and the […]

"Sea Of Thieves" Cracks 10 Million Players This Week

Rare and Microsoft are celebrating a new milestone in Sea Of Thieves this week as the game has reached over 10 million players. The company celebrated with a quick thank you note from Executive Producer Joe Neate, with some news of a new emote being added to the game. A little bit of a present […]

Halo Co-Creator Discovered An Old "Halo 2" Cinematic

If you're a Halo 2 fan, then this small blast from the past should make you smile as one of the co-creators found a gem on an old hard drive. Marcus Lehto, former Creative Art Director at Bungie, and the man who literally helped created Master Chief, had more than a hand in the first […]

Brittany's Most Anticipated Games of 2020: 12 Minutes

Brittany's Most Anticipated Games of 2020: 12 Minutes

12 Minutes is a unique, time-looping adventure that looks like one of the most exciting prospects of 2020. It's a surreal "time-resetting" anomaly that finds you dying over and over again as you work to get to the bottom of why your wife has suddenly been accused of murder. You're in the middle of dinner, […]