The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Xbox Series X Will Launch With Advanced Backward Compatibility

We have a few snippets from the announcement for you below about the work that was done to make this happen.[caption id="attachment_1134927" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Microsoft[/caption] Maintaining compatibility presents a massive technical challenge as fundamental system and chip architectures advance across generations Developers highly optimize their games to the unique capabilities and performance of a console[...]

Auto Draft

Sea Of Thieves Receives The Free Lost Treasures Update

Sea Of Thieves just got a free update from the developers at Rare, as pirates can now get in on the Lost Treasures found in the sea. The details of the update came out on Xbox Wire today, which will give players a few new things to do. This includes daily bounties for people to […]

Xbox Game Studios & Obsidian Entertainment Announce "Grounded"

Xbox Insiders Club Will Get To Try Grounded In Mid-June

Microsoft revealed yesterday that they will be doing a test-flight for the game that will run from June 9th-14th, 2020 You'll also have a chance to try it out on PC if you happen to be a part of the Steam Game Festival The demo gives players a look at one day in the life[...]

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam On June 3rd

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam In A Few Weeks

Microsoft and  Rare announced today that Sea Of Thieves would finally be coming to Steam in just a few weeks The game will officially drop into the store on June 3rd, offering up the massive pirate treasure hunting game for you and your friends to explore By all accounts, the Steam version will have all[...]

Halo: Infinite

343 Industries Will Do A Bigger Halo Infinite Reveal In July

Those of you looking to get more info on Halo Infinite this summer will get your chance in a couple of months, as confirmed by 343 Industries. The company recently posted a new blog entry about the game's anniversary and giving a proper analysis for fans about everything Halo currently happening. Which they kind of […]

Call of the Sea is a gorgeous new game coming to Xbox Series X.

Call of the Sea Brings Puzzling Island Adventures to Xbox Series X

During the Xbox third-party showcase for Xbox Series X, Out of the Blue's dazzling Call of the Sea made its debut, with a colorful trailer to kick things off. Set in the South Pacific in the 1930s, it's all about a woman in search of her husband's missing expedition – but nothing is as it […]

FYQD-Studio and Playism's Bright Memory: Infinite is making its way to Xbox Series X.

Slick New Bright Memory: Infinite Xbox Series X Footage Debuts

Now that it's been taken under Microsoft's wing,  there's no telling what might end up being accomplished with it Perhaps it's even ripe to become a new IP with several entries depending on sales.There's no release date for Bright Memory: Infinite just yet, but it will be part of the Xbox Series X slate when[...]

Halo 2: Anniversary is finally making its way to PC next week.

Halo 2: Anniversary is Finally Headed to PC Next Week

Soon, Halo fans will be able to enjoy the second game in the series on PC as 343 Industries releases Halo 2: Anniversary for Halo: The Master Chief Collection next week. That means it'll be hitting the platform just in time for summer to kick off. Previously, Xbox Insider accounts were invited to try the […]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

Microsoft Announces Xbox 20/20 With A New Inside Xbox On May 7th

Microsoft announced this morning a new event called Xbox 20/20, which will begin with a new episode of Inside Xbox on May 7th The show appears to be the first in a series of events that will replace what the company had planned for E3 2020 this year before it got canceled Topics for the[...]

The Xbox Elite controller is facing a class-action lawsuit.

Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Xbox Elite Controller Drift

Now, a class-action lawsuit is alleging that Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller is responsible for much of the same.According to VGC, a mass amount of Xbox owners have experienced issues with controller "drift" with their Xbox Elite models over the last few months In a lawsuit filed by plaintiff Donald McFadden in the US District Court[...]

Phil Spencer commented on concerns that games for Xbox Series X could be delayed.

New Xbox Series X On Schedule, But Its Games May Not Be

Xbox Head of Gaming Phil Spencer isn't worried about the Xbox Series X being ready for Holiday 2020. Instead, he's more concerned about potential delays in game production that could put a damper on gamers' plans to pick up new titles for their shiny systems when they finally hit the market. CNBC spoke to Spencer […]

Microsoft Says Xbox Game Pass Users Buy More Games and Play More Genres

Microsoft Reports It Has Surpassed 10 Million Xbox Game Pass Users

Microsoft released details about their quarterly results this week, and there's a few things to celebrate for Xbox First off, even though gaming revenue was down 1%, the Xbox content and services revenue was up by 2% Operating income was up 15%, which is the same percentage for revenue for the company as a whole[...]

Minecraft Earth is getting a new series of blind box figures.

Mattel Releasing New Minecraft Earth Figures This Month

Mattel is hard at work on bringing a brand new line of adorable Minecraft figures to retailers later this month that you can actually use in-game with Minecraft Earth. Much like you can scan amiibo figures into games with the Nintendo Switch, these new toys will come in a variety of different mobs from the […]

Microsoft detailed the changes it's made recently to Xbox Game Bar.

Xbox Game Bar and its Evolution Detailed

Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar has continued to evolve ever since it hit the scene Today, during the latest episode of Inside Xbox, additional details were offered about the changes it's gone through as of late First of all, instead of having users Alt+Tab out of their games and apps while using the Xbox Game Bar,[...]

Sea of Thieves' latest DLC is heading out this month.

Sea of Thieves' Ships of Fortune Brings Treasure Chest of New Content

Sea of Thieves is welcoming another free monthly update, as announced via the latest episode of Inside Xbox. The Ships of Fortune DLC, as indicated by the presentation, will offer plenty of intriguing new additions to the game in terms of both new cosmetics like flags from trading companies, a series of new tasks, and […]


NieR Automata Become As Gods Edition & More Coming To Xbox Game Pass

On the most recent episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft went over some of the titles you can expect to see on the service, including the popular NieR: Automata Become As Gods Edition as well as Totally Reliable Delivery Service, two titles you can jump on and pick up right now NieR: Automata Become As Gods[...]

Microsoft announced Inside Xbox is returning this week, courtesy of Xbox.

Inside Xbox Will Makes Its Return This Week On April 7th

Microsoft revealed earlier today that the Xbox team will be bringing back Inside Xbox this week, with the first episode starting on April 7th The show acts much like the Nintendo Direct or Sony's State Of Play livestreams Only they've been doing it longer and they tend to focus on just a couple games a[...]

ID at Xbox Spotlight

Xbox Reveals Six New "ID@Xbox Spotlight" Videos

Here's a snippet of the preview they gave on Xbox Live.[caption id="attachment_1189465" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Microsoft[/caption] Given the global situation right now, of course, we’re not able to show off games to press and players in person, so we’re excited to announce a new series of videos on the ID@Xbox YouTube Channel that will highlight independent[...]

Sea Of Thieves Crew Art

"Sea Of Thieves" Will Be Coming To Steam This Year

Microsoft and Rare announced today that they would be bringing their popular pirate game Sea Of Thieves to Steam sometime in 2020 The game has been doing well on Xbox One, especially with all the added content the devs have been adding Now they're looking to bring it to Steam this year, for what is[...]

The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

The Xbox Series X Price Will Be In Flux Until Near Release

An interesting tidbit from Microsoft this week about the Xbox Series X, as it seems the price of it will be in flux, depending on what the competition does In a recent interview on the IGN show Podcast Unlocked, Xbox head Phil Spenser chatted about the upcoming console and other things the Xbox team is[...]