Take a Tour of the Real Camp Crystal Lake In November

If 2020 hasn't consisted of enough trouble for you, why not take a chance and explore the real-life campgrounds behind Camp Crystal Lake?

Made famous in the original Friday the 13th film, Camp Crystal Lake is a fictional camp on the east coast where a young Jason Voorhees once drowned, and his mother sought revenge on those she deemed responsible. In the films that followed, it brought the return of an older, much scarier Jason, seeking revenge on the counselors and for the death of his doting mother.

Camp Crystal Lake is also known as Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey, where it is actively used for generations of boy scouts. Aside from its typically youthful crowd, the site is on occasion used to attract horror lovers for lakeside tours, and the next chance is later next month.

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The site notes that there will be a new set of rules and regulations to accommodate social distancing guidelines, but fans of Friday the 13th, on October 23, October 24, October 25, October 30, October 31, November 13 (for those paying attention, that is indeed Friday the 13th) and November 14. With the event taking place on both Halloween and the day referenced in the film's title, fans will likely gather (hopefully mindful of safety procedures)for an opportunity that rarely appears.

There will be two ticket options for those interested, which includes:

Lakefront Tours: Starting at $89 plus tax and fees. These shorter tours take you directly to the center of the Camp Crystal Lake movie set: the lake! You will visit 5 filming locations in this area and have plenty of time to take photos. Includes special gifts.

Full Tours: Starting at $159 plus tax and fees. The full loop tour includes all filming locations at the camp and plenty of time to take photos. The evening session of this tour also includes all filming locations – IN THE DARK! Bring your flashlight along to experience our first-ever night tours. Includes special gifts.

Check out the official website here for more information on the upcoming Camp Crystal Lake event, and let us know if you'll be experiencing the slasher playground that started a franchise.

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