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Wanna Spend a Weekend at Camp Crystal Lake? You Can This August
Whether it's through general rules of the time or franchise rules that are learned over the span of several chapters, you can't watch a cinematic world rooted in horror without developing some ground rules as to what works and what doesn't. Over 20 years after the sci-fi slasher coalescence known as Jason X, the Friday the[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Mega Jason Friday The 13th Figure with Sound 
This month gave us our first Friday the 13th of the year and horror fans were excited as always It looks like Mezco Toyz was also pretty excited as a new collectible slipped under our raider for the main event A Mega Friday the 13th, Jason is here coming in at 15 inches tall, fetus[...]
Rami Malek/Columbo, Kerry Washington/A-Team & More: New Old Show Takes
Robot with Rami Malek and The A-Team getting a whole lot more "scandalous" with Kerry Washington to WKRP in Cincinnati going online, Friday the 13th: The Series going the "pawn" route, and two takes on The X-Files that would definitely be "out of this world," here are five new ideas for five old shows that[...]
“Doctor Sleep” is a Cover Band Sequel to “The Shining” [Review]
The best part about the Vudu sale is it includes some bundles so that you can get full franchises like Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street cheap Below are a few suggestions on what to get. Doctor Sleep Credit WB Vudu Is The Best Digital Service If You Ask Me One bundle they have available combines[...]
Friday The 13th Lawsuit Appeal Victory Goes To Victor Miller
Friday The 13th officially belongs to Victor Miller The screenwriter has won the appeal in the case for the rights to the Friday The 13th franchise, sending Sean Cunningham and Horror Inc to defeat This means that Miller will indeed claim ownership of the domestic rights to the franchise going forward Now, this does not[...]
Friday The 13th Franchise Stars Being Killed In New Film 13 Fanboy
Friday The 13th, actors are in a special fraternity with each other Anyone who has ever been to a horror convention or watched Crystal Lake Memories can see the bond that those who starred in the films and were stalked and killed by Jason and his mother share Now one of them, Deborah Voorhees, who[...]
Halloween Kills Trailer Has Been Unleashed, Michael Returns Oct. 15th
The main event for us monster kids is the day and date release of Halloween Kills on October 15th, but other slasher franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Child's Play, Leprechaun, and SAW will also be appearing on the service Tons of Halloween episodes of TV shows will also be added,[...]
Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street Comes to RSVLTS
Slashing their way out of the silver screen next is two legendary and iconic Slasher Franchises with Friday the 13th and The Nightmare on Elm Street Two new RSLVTS Tess have arisen starting with Sweet Dreams that turns the user into the one and only Freddy Kruger This long-sleeved tee brings the iconic sweater designs[...]
friday the 13th
Happy Friday the 13th, folks! Or to be more specific, Happy Friday the 13th: The Series Day, everybody! That's because this is the day when BCTV offers its semi-regular manifesto as to why producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.'s taking of the franchise in a completely different direction deserves a ton more attention and respect than it's[...]
Wanna Spend a Weekend at Camp Crystal Lake? You Can This August
It's been far too long since we've been graced with a Friday the 13th film, as the rights for the franchise happen to be tied up in lawsuits with the film's original creatives Of the vast franchise, actor and stuntman Kane Hodder donned the hockey mask for four films, becoming a fan-favorite Jason through the[...]
Friday The 13th: The Game Co-Creator Reveals Axed Game Content
Ever wonder what we missed out on when Friday The 13th: The Game shut down? We now know some of the details from a former dev A couple of years ago, the rights to the franchise were thrown into chaos with a lawsuit, which is still continuing to this day, and put the kibosh on[...]
Predator Rights In Legal Dispute Between Original Writers & Disney
The rights to the franchise are now going to be held up in court, much like the Friday The 13th rights The 1987 film writers, Jim and John Thomas, are suing Disney to reclaim Predator from Disney, who owns the franchise after purchasing Fox a couple of years ago now The news was reported on[...]
Waxwork Records Catch-Up: Jason Takes Manhattan & Edward Scissorhands
Waxwork Records is shipping out orders for a variety of their releases revealed the last couple of months, and they were kind enough to send over two of them for us to take a look at Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan continues their Jason releases, while the Edward Scissorhands release pays tribute[...]
Friday The 13th Lawsuits Continue: Cunningham Sues WB & Paramount
Friday The 13th fans, I can say now that I am pretty sure we may be the furthest away from Jason stalking cinemas again that we have ever been Sean Cunningham has filed a new lawsuit against WB and Paramount for "net profits from the horror franchise According to a complaint filed on Thursday in Los[...]
Iron Studios Unveils New Friday the 13th MiniCo Statue
Jason Voorhees from the iconic horror franchise Friday the 13th is back and ready to join your collection This beautifully detailed Jason Voorhees statue will stand roughly 6.3 inches tall, be made in PVC plastic, and is even hand-painted for the highest quality possible The Friday the 13th killer will be shown with some unique[...]