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Conjuring 4 Is In The Works With Aquaman And the Lost City Scribe
The Conjuring franchise has definitely contributed a lot to the modern mainstream landscape of horror and, in several ways, reinvigorated the supernatural genre for a new audience in the post-2010 era of the genre This has manifested over time through several spin-off films like The Nun and Annabelle However, there's always a special love for[...]
You’ll Float Too with RSVLTS New Pennywise Button-Down Collection 
Prepare to float into the world of horror with RSVLTS' next spine-chilling button-down collection The Spooky Season has arrived, and RSVLTS has started it off with some mystery solving as Mystery Inc (seen here) drives in, but now absolute horror has arrived This following collection takes horror fans to Derry with the one and only[...]
The Nun II Scares Up A Weekend Box Office Victory
TAISSA FARMIGA as Sister Irene in New Line Cinema's horror thriller "The Nun II," a Warner Bros Pictures release. Though, considering that there's a lot of continuity to address in a separate film series, how does the team behind The Nun II manage to balance originality with familiarity? Here's what you need to know courtesy of[...]
Shining Vale Season 2 Trailer Draft
STARZ has released the trailer and key art for season two of its hit horror comedy, Shining Vale, which returns to haunt viewers' screens on the frightfully appropriate Friday, October 13th The hysterical, spine-chilling trailer and key art tease the repercussions following last season's nail-biting cliffhanger when Pat (Courteney Cox) landed herself in a psychiatric[...]
NECA Reveals Ultimate Ghost Face Takes Manhattan NYCC Figure
This chaotic killer made their debut in the 90s horror classic Scream, flipping the idea of the legendary slasher genre Since the original film, horror fans have seen five sequels, with another on the way Ghost Face is now taking on Manhattan with the help of NECA as they debut one of their New York[...]
The Nun 2 Has A New Poster & First Trailer
Even if horror isn't your thing, you've likely seen The Conjuring Universe's interpretation of a scary demonic nun in some capacity Because, in just a few years, she's already become a modern staple for the franchise, which has already led to two spinoff films so far, The Nun in 2018 and The Nun II in theaters now[...]
The Nun Still 1
It's not a spoiler to reveal that fan-favorite character Frenchie wasn't in great shape by the end of the horror film The Nun So, with a sequel including the character (played by Jonas Bloquet), it's safe to assume he's in trouble and needs a little help, which has been made clear from the film's trailer[...]
PCS Collectibles Debuts A Sweet New Horror Statue with the Candyman
A legend has begun, as the cult classic horror film Candyman has returned with a brand new collectible PCS has unveiled a new 1:3 scale statue of the infamous 90s film that will stand 28" tall Tony Todd is back as the one true Candyman with an impressive sculpt that features his fur coat, a[...]
Rec Room Launches New "Make It To Midnight" Mode
Rec Room revealed a brand new mode that has been added to the game this week, as they splash a bit of horror into the game with Make It To Midnight! This is a new 4-v-1 horror mode that will give you a bit of a Halloween at the Carnival feeling, as you will be[...]
The Last Voyage of the Demeter: First Poster, Trailer, Images Released
So when a working actor finally finds themselves as the first person on a call sheet, it can be a very reaffirming moment in one's career. For the new horror flick The Last Voyage of the Demeter, the film's own leading man Corey Hawkins is now discussing the transition from supporting actor to leading a cast[...]
Sink Your Teeth Into Super7’s New Full Color Nosfertu Ultimates Figure
In 1922 the world was introduced to Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, the unofficial adaptation to Dracula Count Orlock might not be Count Dracula, but he is just as terrifying and has his own place in horror history Fans have started to see more and more collectibles of these iconic vampires come to life, including[...]
The Last Voyage of the Demeter: First Poster, Trailer, Images Released
We love a good sequel, especially in the horror genre So when a filmmaker expresses any interest in creating a franchise out of a potentially standalone event, we're all for it Even when a film isn't exactly killing it at the box office, sequel prospects seem minuscule But in Hollywood, anything is possible if there's[...]
The Last Voyage of the Demeter: First Poster, Trailer, Images Released
I learned so much about the precision of storytelling and how to view a movie from top to bottom, and the way he thinks is extraordinary." The Last Voyage of the Demeter stars Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton), Aisling Franciosi (Game of Thrones, The Nightingale), Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans), and David Dastmalchian (Dune, the Ant-Man franchise.) The Last Voyage[...]
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is getting a sequel.
The youth-friendly horror genre book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is often viewed as being one best way to introduce children to horror (if remotely interested), which has spawned more than three books and a movie so far. But soon enough, the film (which managed to garner over $100 million during its 2019 release)[...]
The Exorcist: Believer trailer Is Now Live Online, Watch Here
The established horror director David Gordon Green has plenty of experience with adapting a popular franchise, which we've seen firsthand through the recent Blumhouse Halloween trilogy Next, on the filmmaker's list? A new adaptation of The Exorcist, with the upcoming sequel titled The Exorcist: Believer! And not only will we be getting a return to the franchise,[...]
The Nun 2 Has A New Poster & First Trailer
The Conjuring universe has dominated the horror genre for quite some time, with the flagship films Annabelle and The Nun each finding their own footing for over a decade And soon enough, The Nun II will keep the successful spin-off titles alive by bringing back the fan-favorite entity for even more religion-induced terror. Credit New Line/Warner Bros Discovery With[...]
The Changeling: LaKeith Stanfield Apple TV Series Trailer Unveiled
A horror story, a parenthood fable, and a perilous odyssey through a New York City you didn't know existed In addition to Stanfield, the series stars Clark Backo, Adina Porter, Samuel T Herring, Alexis Louder, Jared Abrahamson, and special guest star Malcolm Barrett. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid[...]
Devon Sawa on Final Destination Opening Scenes and Hopes For More
It had a memorable '90s cast, created something new, and essentially launched a franchise that would become a mainstream horror film series across two generations Though, apparently, the film that we're familiar with had other plans that would have sparked a very different sequel before being scrapped for a different ending entirely. Photo Credit: New Line[...]
The Exorcist: Believer trailer Is Now Live Online, Watch Here
For decades, The Exorcist has been dubbed as one of the scariest horror films of all time, basically terrifying generations with its timelessly devilish ways Now, the franchise is getting eerily close to its revival from Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, with a story that involves two possessions and the return of a beloved character from[...]
Mattel Unleashes Horror with Annabelle Monster High Skullector Doll
Class is in session once again as Mattel is back with a brand new horror franchise crossover with Monster High A new Skullector doll is on the way as the modern horror classic character, Annabelle, is ready for high school This possessed doll invaded viewers' homes and dreams after her appearance in The Conjuring, sequels,[...]
Talk To Me Is The Horror Film Of The Year, A Must See {Review}
Still, in some instances, we can end up with solid franchises like Scream, Star Trek, John Wick, and several other genre titles that have blossomed into excessive mainstream hits. Credit A24 While horror franchises are even more common due to the scarcity of mainstream horror, releases from celebrated production companies like A24 don't always lead to sequel[...]
Mezco Toyz Brings Modern Horror to Life with Terrifier: Art the Clown
Get ready as some new horror is coming home as Mezco Toyz unveils their newest Mezco Designer Series doll A new Mega Scale killer is on the way as the modern slasher film, Terrifier, is getting a brand new collection The Art the Clown doll comes in at 15" tall and will feature 11 points[...]
Talk To Me Is The Horror Film Of The Year, A Must See {Review}
When it comes to modern horror films, you just have to expect that there will be some visceral scenes because it's seemingly all about staying with audiences long after the movie ends Especially with the slow-burn, sometimes confusing pacing of an A24 genre flick Now, the directors behind the film are explaining how there were[...]
The Nun 2 Has A New Poster & First Trailer
As a horror fan, The Nun didn't exactly live up to the potential of its eerie Conjuring predecessor, despite delivering one of the creepiest scares of the franchise during her sequel cameo So when we learned that a sequel was still coming, we hoped that it could be a chance to revise the formula to[...]
Conjuring 4 Is In The Works With Aquaman And the Lost City Scribe
Horror franchises can be such a fun, safe space for genre fans You know the characters, the world, and "the rules," so there's definitely general excitement when a solid film is confirmed to be earning itself a sequel That being said, when fans discovered the popular film The Conjuring in 2013, its instant success evolved[...]
Full Trailer For Insidious: The Red Door Released
For the horror franchise Insidious, the new film officially brought back the entire family from the first two chapters in order to close out their story once and for all And with the film's first leading actor helming the new story. Credit Blumhouse With the new genre movie out now, one of the key returning actors explained[...]