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So the last time we checked in with American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy, he was kicking off the final vote to help determine the horror anthology's future between "AHS Sirens" and "AHS Bloody Mary" and teasing Sarah Paulson that she should be careful about voting for "AHS Sirens" because it could mean her spending "half[...]
Hardcover Tales from the Crypt Slipcase Collection Now Available
There are countless horror stories as chilling as the ones collected in EC's Tales from the Crypt of parents throwing away comic book collections without a thought as to what those collections may have meant for the kid who read them It is publishers like Cochran that have worked to reverse that ideology and to[...]
Them: VFX Supervisor Hnedel Maximore Talks World Building & Visuals
With topics ranging from the difficulty of varied settings to the unique work required for the Amazon Prime series as compared to other projects that Maximore has worked on, here's a look at how our conversation went. Images: Amazon Prime Bleeding Cool: You've worked on many dramas and action-related shows and films, what interested you when it[...]
The moments of narration beside the clips edited together give the trailer a further sense of dread to convey to audiences. Haunted continues to bring alongside some fantastic imagery and directing to tell these unique and personal horror tales The pieces in the trailer, from references to haunted mansions and eerie melodies, do a fantastic job[...]
Honeydew – Dir Devereux Milburn Talks Historical, Horror Inspiration
When I was sort of just scrambling to figure out how can I get this other film off the ground, Dan Kennedy, who shot and co-produced the film, texted me and asked, 'Would you like to shoot a horror feature next month?' I immediately said, 'Yes.' I was dubious as to whether or not we'd[...]
A new week brings two more twisted tales of terror from Shudder and showrunner/EP Greg Nicotero's (The Walking Dead) hit horror anthology series Creepshow And the best part- for purely selfish reasons? We have an exclusive sneak preview that helps set the mood for the horrors that await you Based on the horror-comedy classic and[...]
american horror story
So why should American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy's "election" determining the future of the horror anthology franchise? Just yesterday, we learned of "The Recount" and how "Plague" was replaced with "Sirens" with a new vote underway (we're guessing a whole lot of AHS fans wanted and needed a break from anything related to a plague[...]
Slumber Party Massacre Reboot Coming to Syfy
I'm pretty sure Hollywood is aiming to revitalize just about every major and niche property they have access to, and in a time where continuations or reboots are the norm, another indie-horror classic is getting the reboot treatment. If you are a horror fan, chances are you've at least heard of the name Slumber Party Massacre,[...]
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EPIX has given a straight-to-series order for 10 episodes of From, a new sci-fi horror series co-produced by Midnight Radio and The Russo Brothers production house AGBO The series is created by John Griffin, and acclaimed director Jack Bender will helm the first four episodes of the series Produced by Midnight Radio, the producing team[...]
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Denis O'Hare (American Horror Story) is Edmund Hague, a deranged doctor searching for the source of the powers. Image: HBO Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time) is the tortured, murderous Maladie, who derives power from pain Rochelle Neil (Terminator: Dark Fate) is the fire-wielding Annie "Bonfire" Carby, one of Maladie's motley gang Zackary Momoh (Seven Seconds) is[...]
Them: Covenant Is What Happens When Horror Is Done Well: Review
Them: Covenant, on Amazon Prime Video, has raised the bar for horror and anthology up significantly for the television and streaming industry The series, with all 10 episodes able to stream starting April 9th, dives into the horrific and intricate ways humanity has used difference and racism to the advantage of white people- in this[...]