Oscar Isaac Gets A Whole New Strange Superhero Origin In Lightningface

Oscar Isaac is no stranger to sci fi and superheroes, either flying X-Wings as hot-shot pilot Poe Dameron or threatening humanity and providing mutant makeovers as Apocalypse. But in a brand new short film, Isaac gets in on the pop culture superhero genre again with Lightningface.

It's a weird and frankly bizarre little origin story as Isaac's character, Basil Stitt, one day gets struck in the face by lightning and has a mental breakdown before discovering his new life and identity.


Or perhaps he's just gone off the deep end barmy.

At any rate, Isaac is acting his ass off in this little film, and it's a fascinating, unnerving and entertaining character piece. Lightningface is written, directed and produced by Brian Petsos, the story is an affecting little treat that is expertly portrayed, even as it takes some odd and unusual turns and twists.


An origin story, of sorts—LIGHTNINGFACE stars Oscar Isaac as Basil Stitt, who in the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, decides to sequester himself inside his apartment, setting the stage for a profound transformation. Written and directed by Brian Petsos. lightningface.com

Official Selection of the 2016 BFI London Film Festival, 2016 Brooklyn Film Festival, 2016 Denver Film Festival, 2016 Marfa Film Festival, 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival, 2016 New Hampshire Film Festival, 2016 New Orleans Film Festival, 2016 Nitehawk Shorts Festival, 2016 Palm Springs International ShortFest, 2016 Short Shorts Film Festival, 2016 Tacoma Film Festival, 2016 Virginia Film Festival, 2017 Atlanta Film Festival, 2017 Capital City Film Festival, 2017 Collinsville Film Festival, 2017 Dingle International Film Festival, 2017 Manchester Film Festival, 2017 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, 2017 Montclair Film Festival, 2017 Nashville Film Festival, 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival, 2017 Omaha Film Festival, 2017 Oxford International Film Festival, 2017 RiverRun International Film Festival, and the 2017 Sioux Empire Film Festival. Nominated for Best Actor (Oscar Isaac) at the 2017 Vaughan International Film Festival, and Best Narrative Comedy at the 2016 Miami Short Film Festival. Winner of the Vortex Grand Prize at the 2016 Rhode Island International Film Festival, and Best Short Film at the 2016 Filmfestival Kitzbühel.

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