Doomsday Clock Speculation: Is Doctor Manhattan Posing as a DC Superhero?

Doomsday Clock #2 from DC Comics by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson comes out and continues the ongoing mystery of just what is the connection of the Watchmen world and the DC Universe — and what is Doctor Manhattan doing. Well, Johns may have added another wrinkle to this mystery with this issue.

In an exchange between Ozymandias and the new Rorschach, Veidt brings up the possibility that Doctor Manhattan has actually taken on a new identity and is living in the DC Universe.

This is a new notion that could cause any number of big surprises. After all, who could he have become? Could he be Superman? Or maybe, ironically, Captain Atom?

Of course, it's not like we don't have theories here at Bleeding Cool.

If Doctor Manhattan is posing as a DC Universe character, could he be almost hiding in plain sight? Could he be someone else with a cold, dispassionate and separate disposition, a godly nature and tremendous power? Could he be the New God Metron?

Now, the last time we saw Metron was in the Geoff Johns-penned Darkseid War event, where we see him apparently murdered, presumably by the off-panel Doctor Manhattan.

If Manhattan is capable of taking on a new identity, perhaps he has taken on the identity of Metron, and this would explain why the New Gods have not reacted to his murder in any way — because as far as they're aware, he's alive and well and still floating around on his Mobius chair.

And let's face it, they're not worlds apart in their demeanour.

Plus, it's a nice way to observe events even closer without raising any kind of suspicion.

So could we see Doctor Manhattan as a New God in the DC Universe, if he really has taken on a new look for a new world?

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