Reference To An Alpha For The Division Has Been Found On Its Website

news_reveal_web_101398The future is a weird place. When I was looking towards the future of the industry a few years ago, the idea of Alphas and Betas as marketing tools was not one of the things I pegged as happening. Alas, here we are with games like Halo 5, Titanfall, Battlefield Hardline and Destiny all featuring huge pushes in 'trial' form.

This is likely something that is going to remain a staple for years to come and it looks like it might be time to throw another AAA game onto the list of alpha/beta tested titles. After data mining The Division's website, Reddit found references to an alpha for the game. There is nothing on the site on the corresponding pages yet, but that will likely come when it's officially announced.

Of course, it could never be officially announced, but the fact there are traces of it on the official website as well as the online connected world premise of the game, I think it's a fair bet.

I will be genuinely interested to see what The Division has to offer. We've seen it for two E3s now and will likely get a hat-trick this year, but we still know surprisingly little about the title. Trying it out I'm sure will tell us a fair bit.

Thanks VG24/7 for the heads up!