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Splinter Cell: Firewall: BBC Audio Drama Series, Debuts December 2nd
That's right, while fans of the Splinter Cell video games are waiting for a new game in the series and getting a remake of the first game from Ubisoft, everyone will be getting an audio drama series of a new story from a novel that's free without the need to get killed failing at a[...]
The Bioshock Movie Is Finally Happening at Netflix
Credit: Netflix For those who are wondering how this will be adapted (or retooled), the film's visionary director is officially addressing the underwater city of Rapture-based period piece. An Assortment of Narrative Avenues Worth Utilizing During a recent and detailed interview with Collider, the Hunger Games director actually divulged, "I think that there's some great video games out[...]
Yamaha Jumps Into Video Games With The ZG Series Gaming Mixer
Yamaha has made a play to get into the audio side of video games as they have announced the ZG Series Gaming Mixer Technically the company released two items as part of the series, as the first one is the mixer itself, going by the product name, the ZG01 With it they have also released[...]
Indie Games 2: ABLAZE and Bragelonne Publish New Videogame Artbook
Indie Games 2, the second artbook charting the history of independent video games, is being published by ABLAZE in partnership with European publisher Bragelonne, takes readers on a comprehensive exploration into the history, sounds, artwork, and characters of indie video games with the release of Indie Games 2 on August 3rd. Indie Games 2 cover art,[...]
Zombies Ate My Neighbors, A graded Copy, On Auction At ComicConnect
Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the best video games ever made I do not say that lightly, but it is true Never has there been a more true to the genre game as the horror/comedy gem from LucasArts back in the day Every type of slasher and monster is here, and the simple[...]