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The Intersection Between Logan Paul and Target/Wamart Card Fiasco
There has been a huge surge in Pokémon cards in particular, and a lot of people seem to be getting back into card games in general When it came to quarantine, a lot of people turned to things that brought them joy as children or young adults to cope, and that isn't surprising[...]
Niantic Warns Against Using Lucky Eggs in Pokémon GO
Being a long-time fan of Niantic's two main games, Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been… quite interesting recently Both games have been heavily impacted by glitches and bugs, with Niantic communicating information about the problems to players through social media rather than the games themselves The most recent bug impacts the functionality of Lucky[...]
CartographR Aims To Bring Augmented Reality To Tabletop Games
CartographR Technology revealed plans for their new mobile app today, aimi9ng to bring augmented reality to popular tabletop games Simply called CartographR, the project was successfully Kickstarted a while ago as they developed an app that will allow DM's/GM's to share 3D virtual environments with their players in the physical world Rather than going out[...]
A Sealed Copy of Final Fantasy VII is Up for Auction on Heritage
The Final Fantasy series has been influencing video games since the first one came out in on the NES back in 1987 For JRPG fans, there is always one game that really helped connect them to the series, and for this writer, that game was Final Fantasy VII, and I'm far from alone there Final[...]