Rosamund Pike To Play Marie Curie In 'Radioactive'

Gone GirlAcademy award nominated actress Rosamund Pike has been as scientist Marie Curie in a movie about her life called Radioactive according to Variety. French director Marjane Satrapi with a scripted adapted from the book Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout. The movie is less a biopic and more about learning about who Marie Curie was as a person and not just her accolades as a scientists.

"Marie Curie was such a natural force of life. everybody, everywhere she went was effected by her energy and brilliance," said Satrapi. "This is an intense role which require a lot of intelligence and sensibility. Rosamund is 'the one' to play her. I understood it the second I met her."

The book is known as a "visual biography" in that it's not quite a graphic novel but there are drawings and the use of color throughout the book. Satrapi was a feature director on the animated project Peresepolis so it can be gleaned that color and possibly animation itself could be prominent throughout the movie.

Radioactive is in the process of casting the rest of the two main leads with no date on when they will start production.

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