Here's the Third Digital Wave of Dynamite Free First Issues

A new round of free Dynamite first issues hits the web this week. An industry-wide shutdown has halted most comic book publishing in the direct market, though collections continue to be published in bookstores and comic book retailers that remain open. The entire industry, and its community of fans, however, are stuck in a state of limbo. There are no installments in the stories of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, or dozens of other characters whose monthly or bi-weekly adventures have entertained readers for decades. So, what is a comic book reader meant to do when there are no new comics to read? Well, it's time to try some old comics. Many publishers outside the "Big Two" of Marvel and DC are treating the shutdown as an opportunity to get readers to try comics they might not have had the bandwidth before in the overcrowded comics market. One of those publishers is Dynamite Entertainment, which enters its third week of releasing free #1 issues for readers to try out on digital comic apps. Check out the press release below for more details.

Free Dynamite First Issues Wave 3

April 7, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite announces a third spectacular set of free first issues available right now on ComiXology. Perfect for fans to binge while staying at home and practicing social distancing!

Click here to see all the free issues – up to two pages now!

Additionally, though previously announced that prior weeks would be taken down shortly, Dynamite is keeping all these up for the moment. Which means nearly 40 comics are free right now! If one enjoys the taste tests, they are encouraged to check out the full story through their favorite formats and vendors.

Talented creators involved with this batch include Garth Ennis, Greg Pak, Alex Ross, Cullen Bunn, Erica Schultz, David Liss, Maria Sanapo, and more!

Wave Three:

  • Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep #1
  • Battlefields: The Night Witches #1
  • Bob's Burgers #1
  • Charmed #1
  • Elvira Mistress of the Dark #1
  • Evil Ernie #1
  • Jennifer Blood #1
  • John Carter: The End #1
  • John Wick #1
  • Mighty Mouse #1
  • Pumpkinhead #1
  • The Spider #1

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