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The cover to The Dying and the Dead #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim.

Jonathan Hickman Comics Featured in Latest Humble Bundle

Superstar comic book writer Jonathan Hickman is the mastermind behind 2019's relaunch of the X-Men at Marvel. Hickman's House of X and Powers of X changed the trajectory of the X-books for the foreseeable future, bring the franchise back to prominence after years of neglect. If you've ever read any of his tweets or interviews, […]

The cover to X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics, hitting Marvel Unlimited in April.

The Dawn of X Finally Comes to Marvel Unlimited in April

As the comic industry remains shut down with very few new comics in sight, readers are turning to older comics to get their fill of superhero action. For that purpose, it's hard to go wrong with Marvel Unlimited, which offers access to a back catalog of more than 27,000 Marvel Comics, with more added each […]

The cover to Bob's Burgers #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Here's the Third Digital Wave of Dynamite Free First Issues

A new round of free Dynamite first issues hits the web this week. An industry-wide shutdown has halted most comic book publishing in the direct market, though collections continue to be published in bookstores and comic book retailers that remain open. The entire industry, and its community of fans, however, are stuck in a state […]

Marvel Comics

Marvel Unlimited Expands with Free Classic Story Collections

Marvel is expanding its Marvel Unlimited binge-reading subscription service with a new free tier featuring collections of classic stories, the publisher revealed in a press release today. The classic story collections chosen all represent Marvel trade paperbacks available to purchase from local comic shops, Marvel was sure to point out in the press release lest […]

Dark Horse comics retailer store image

Dark Horse is Giving Away Free Digital #1 Issues

Dark Horse Comics may not be releasing any digital comics this week, but the publisher doesn't want to leave you with nothing Dark Horse to read. To solve this problem, Dark Horse is following in the footsteps of Dynamite Entertainment and making a bunch of #1 issues free tor read digitally on their web store, […]

Batman #92 DC Comics Cover

DC Comics Pulls Digital Comics From Wednesday, Including Batman #92

In previous reports, Bleeding Cool told you that the situation with big comic book publishers and their plans for print and digital comics were undetermined. It appears that is now evolving. Over this weekend, we noted that DC Comics had a full line-up of digital comic books for this Wednesday, including the likes of Batman […]

Bryan Talbot Offers Free Comics Compilation Download

Legendary comics artist Bryan Talbot is offering a free download of his rare comics on his official website! This is a gift for everyone stuck in self-isolation. Head over to and you can download a PDF or CBR file of over 90 pages of comics drawn by Bryan. It includes rare stories written by the likes […]


Dark Horse Will Not Release New Digital Comics Next Week

With Diamond shut down and no comics shipping to local comic stores, even ones that are still open, next week, the world is waiting to see what's going to happen on the first week with no new comics. As the direct market prepares to suffer, one question left unanswered has been: what about the publishers? […]


AWA Studios Launches Digital Version of Comics With WEBTOON

AWA Studios announced a free digital version of their comic titles this week. The inaugural title is The Resistance, the company's flagship title by J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr. The comic will be available to read on the publisher's website and on WEBTOON and Tapas. AWA are converting their comics into a vertical […]

UK Government Removes VAT Sales Tax On Digital Comics

Om Monday, my weekly political cartoon for Guido Fawkes looked at the plans this week for Sunak Rishi, the Conservative government's new Chancellor Of The Exchequer to increase public borrowing and spending, as well removing tax relief, increasing the tax burden overall. But he has just removed one very significant taxes for readers of this […]

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

Ah, the new year. A time for change. For examining the past and looking forward to the future. For cranking out think-pieces on a holiday to fill an article quota. The perfect time to talk about comics' greatest failure: digital comics. When digital comics were first introduced to the superhero comics industry over a decade […]

WEBTOON Partners with Crunchyroll to Develop Animation Series

WEBTOON Partners with Crunchyroll to Develop Anime Series

WEBTOON, the world's leading digital comics publisher, announced a partnership with Crunchyroll, the world's most popular anime streaming service. The strategic partnership will see the development and co-production of new animated content. Crunchyroll and WEBTOON will also collaborate on the distribution, licensing, and retail of each new series. Korea-owned WEBTOON is currently the most read […]

“Let’s Play” : WEBTOON Debuts Anime Adaptation of Their Popular Webcomic Serial

"Let's Play": Popular WEBTOON Webcomic Adapted as Anime Short [TRAILER]

Let's Play, the popular webcomic serial on WEBTOON has been adapted into an anime short this week. WEBTOON is the most-read comics publisher in the world here. They're the most-read digital publisher in the world, and they want to be much more. They want to be a multimedia empire and are slowly working away at that. One of […]

WEBTOON Releases New TV Spot "Find Yours" During “Fear the Walking Dead” and “NOS4A2”

WEBTOON Urges Comics Readers, Creators to "Find Yours" in New TV Promo [VIDEO]

WEBTOON is a digital comics platform and app, arguably the most successful comics publisher in the world. The Korean-owned company publishes comics with phones, tablets, and other on-the-go devices in mind with its "scrolling down" reading format. This year, platform celebrates their 5th anniversary with 100 billion views annually worldwide. The app averages more than 55 […]


"My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated": WEBTOON's First "Nerdtastic" Animated Series

WEBTOON, the world's most successful webcomics publisher – and comics publisher in general – has released their first animated series: My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Animated – an adaptation of one of the most popular comics series on the service. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend premiered on WEBTOON in March 2017 and became one of its biggest […]

DC Has Finally Done It! Entire Digital Library Now Online for DC Universe Subscribers

DC's Entire Digital Library Now on DC Universe For $2 Cheaper Than Marvel Unlimited

Just a few weeks after testing the waters by releasing their entire Bronze and Silver age catalog on the DC Universe app, DC Comics has just made their entire collection of digitized comics available as promised for subscribers. Well, almost their entire catalog. As previously reported, the comics do not include imprints like Vertigo, Milestone, […]

IDW, Dynamite, and Valiant Comics Come to Nintendo Switch on InkyPen Subscription App

A new digital comics subscription service called InkyPen is launching on the Nintendo Switch in November, bringing digital comics to the handheld video game console for the first time. Amongst the publishers whose comics will be available on the app, according to a press release, are IDW, Dynamite, Valiant, Andrews McMeel, and Humanoids, amongst others. […]