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Bob's Burgers Delivered A Memorable 200th Episode: Review
The 200th episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers reminds fans why they return to spend time with the Belcher family every season and why new fans continue to flood in I didn't expect to shed any tears during the new episode, but I found myself connecting and grounding myself to moments as I followed the story[...]
Significant Milestone For Bob's Burgers 200th Episode On Sunday
It's been 10 years since the first season premiere of FOX's Bob's Burgers and the cast, along with creator Loren Bouchard, discussed the series' impact and their upcoming 200th episode. Variety had an opportunity for an hour-long chat with the group about this exciting milestone and how the work of animation has unique advantages and disadvantages to[...]
Significant Milestone For Bob's Burgers 200th Episode On Sunday
The milestone not met by many television series, FOX's Bob's Burgers will celebrate it's 200th episode on Sunday and will join the club of many sitcom favorites who've done similar The celebration has already started on the show's Twitter feed with fan art on the daily Bob's Burgers has played on the same night as[...]