Bob's Burgers Cast, Creator on 200th Episode, Remote Recording & More

It's been 10 years since the first season premiere of FOX's Bob's Burgers and the cast, along with creator Loren Bouchard, discussed the series' impact and their upcoming 200th episode. Variety had an opportunity for an hour-long chat with the group about this exciting milestone and how the work of animation has unique advantages and disadvantages to production during the pandemic. Also joining the creator and cast was the executive producer of the series, Nora Smith, whose work includes the recent Central Park which is also a project she produces. Michael Schneider, an executive editor with Variety, was able to navigate and deliver questions regarding the difficulty of making episodes during these past 7-8 months of the pandemic.

Bob's Burgers Cast Talks Remote Production & The 200th Episode
Screenshot of the cast talking about the 200th episode. Source: Variety

The conversation was light and fun, but also touched on the difficulty of working from home with such a workload. Bouchard expressed how he loves how much the team has been able to do but also wishes and longs for those moments of quiet some have luckily found in the midst of the pandemic chaos. Previous work for the past ten years has seemed to really help and prepare the group for this time, growing in chemistry and improvisational skills.

Bob's Burgers Cast Talks Remote Production & The 200th Episode
Linda and Bob in the upcoming 200th episode of Bob's Burgers. Source: FOX

The difference in recording, and even celebrating this 200th episode, during the pandemic is the lack of proximity to others who work on the show. Kristen Schaal, who voices Louise, talked about how the ability to improvise when reading lines with the others is something now lost to remote production of the show. Bob's Burgers is still amazingly able to find comedic joy in life according to John Roberts, who voices Linda, through what he has seen from the writers and crew. Bouchard eventually discussed what fans would come to expect from the writing and creative forces behind the 200th episode. He looks past the terms of "eventful" to describe the episode, instead of approaching it with the care and humility at the core of a pilot and the roots of Bob's Burgers.

A hint of something to come was given to fans, Bouchard mentioned Bob's words to his family back in episode 1 of the series, with him saying "You're my family and I love you, but you're all terrible". Other aspects of the current season 11 were discussed including the odd yet hilarious pandemic prediction with the pinworms episode. The cast also got a chance to answer on what their characters would be like if they'd grown up in real-time with the show.

Expressions of disappointment in not being able to hang out with one another were expressed in a sincere and vulnerable way by Schaal saying, "I really really miss it now, and I still try to get everyone to hang out". And while the length of this pandemic is up in the air, each person showed their excitement for the possible years ahead for Bob's Burgers. The evolution of the show has led up to this moment, but still, everyone involved remains humble and dedicated to their fans. As a show that was fought for from the beginning, the celebration remains constant and ever-present according to Bouchard. Personally, I can't wait for this episode and each one afterward. Cheers to this cast and crew, and we'll all wait patiently for what's next for the Belcher family.

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