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Bob's Burgers Serves Up Memorable 200th Episode Meal: Review

The 200th episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers reminds fans why they return to spend time with the Belcher family every season and why new fans continue to flood in. I didn't expect to shed any tears during the new episode, but I found myself connecting and grounding myself to moments as I followed the story. It's nothing new for the Belcher family to experience twists and turns with the restaurant, but that's exactly what made this episode so great. The title of this one was "Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids", and it dealt with a familiar and hilarious theme dating back to the pilot.

Bob's Burgers Delivered A Memorable 200th Episode: Review
The Belcher kids attempt to save the day. Source: FOX

In both the pilot and this episode, our favorite pair of health inspectors make appearances. Ron and Hugo arrive to critique Bob's restaurant and while odd things are found in the pilot, titled "Human Flesh", it's the opposite for their recent review of conditions. Bob is successful in the most recent health inspection, but a move by Ron proves to be consequential for the condition of the beloved restaurant grill.

The kids can prove to be chaotic individuals, but their parents, Linda and Bob, show an incredible amount of love for them even in difficult times. The impact of the kitchen catching fire, along with no clear suspect, has the family panicking ahead of the Ocean Fest, something that would bring in lots of foot traffic for the restaurant. Also, the inclusion of such an odd and hilarious sculpture competition was some brilliantly absurd comedy for Linda. Comparing the pilot to this current episode of Bob's Burgers reminds me of how much work and progress has gone into the show over the past 10 years.

The crisp style of animation and artistic talent has grown with the artists themselves, and the writing showcases a variety of voices just like it did in 2011. The 200th episode proves that tough times within a family don't prove to be breaking points for everyone. Those moments, like in Bob's Burgers, are perfect examples of a nurturing and healthy family environment. New and returning viewers of the show witnessed a half-hour story that is accessible to everyone. Bob's Burgers includes a loving father, an odd but artistic mother, and truly caring kids. And in all honesty, I can't wait for another 200 hundred more to be made.

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