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All Aces Entertainment – The Latest Rick Olney Thing
Rick Olney, the man who hired a bunch of comic creators to work on an anthology that he never paid, then threatened legal action against when they told people (although no one has ever heard from his non-existent lawyer) and eventually became one of the most pilloried names in the comics industry… is working on[...]
Rick Olney Cancels Adirondack Comic Con
Disgraced comic publisher Rick Olney has announced the Adirondack ComicFest announced for November has been cancelled If it ever existed –  it never had a confirmed location. He still does not name the other people involved in funding the show If they existed He states; I'm not going to blame anyone or any group effort personally[...]
So Who Is Actually Going To Rick Olney's Comic Con In November?
The website for Rick Olney's latest attempt to slither his way back into the comic industry, the remotely located Adirondack ComicFest, is continuing to list attending guests It's a small line up so far, but some recognisable names. The convention is timed to run on Veteran's Day weekend and ties into a number of Veteran events,[...]