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Alan Partridge Just CC'ed Everyone at the BBC In to a E-Mail
Tonight sees the return of Alan Partridge to the BBC Steve Coogan's sports reporter-turned-chatshow host character was first created for BBC Radio 4's On The Hour, before getting spinoffs Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge, The Day Today and I'm Alan Partridge, becoming the country's biggest comedy character until Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant[...]
HBO Lands Space Comedy From 'Veep' Creator Armando Iannucci
From his beginnings working with Steve Coogan on the Alan Partridge series, Iannucci is best known for his unique brand of political satire with television series The Thick of It and the film In the Loop as well as his recently premiered Toronto Film Festival feature The Death of Stalin. In an April 2017 interview with[...]
Steve Coogan May "Reanimate" Alan Partridge In A Couple Of Years
Steve Coogan co-wrote the screenplay and he draws on many of his favourite comedic tricks, techniques that have worked very well in previous work such as Alan Partridge One cut between two scenes in Philomena that gets a big laugh in particular is played in almost the exact same way as in an episode of[...]
Watch Alan Partridge Sing Along To Roachford In The Opening Titles Of Alpha Papa
This video is basically the opening titles of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, minus the actual titles And it's great. The clip also debuted on Roachford's YouTube channel, which I think is rather brilliant. [youtube][/youtube] Alan used to drive a Rover Vitesse Fastback, back in those heady days when he was still on television[...]
Weekend Viewing – First Clip From Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
One thing has been concerning me a little about Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and that's that it doesn't look Alany enough. The trailers have been good and they were certainly funny but they just seemed a little broader than the series and just ever so slightly different in a few more minor ways too. Watching this clip,[...]
Alan Partridge's Beloved North Norfolk Digital Now Has A Website
According to Alan Partridge North Norfolk Digital is one of the most important places in his life and the home of "North Norfolk's best music mix" You can get a taste of of what that music mix sounds like at a website for the station that has just gone live. There's a lot of fun stuff[...]
Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa – A Poster
He might have told you some basic facts – the film is out on August 7th; or linked you to some past coverage – use the tags below, I guess; or he could have noted how the film now seems to be called Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which is longer than it used to be. Or[...]
Video Protests Against Region-Fixing Of New Alan Partridge
It's been years without any new Alan Patridge material in the UK, and fans of Steve Coogan's Norwich-based sports reporter-turned-chatshow host have been kept bobbing along by repeats on Dave and the promises of a movie. And then out of the blue, Australian lager Fosters commissions a series of short Alan Partridge mini-episodes revolving around his[...]