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Spoiler Free Review of Four Films From the Alien 40th Anniversary Anthology

Four of six short films being released for the 40th anniversary of 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise premiered at C2E2 this morning and I was lucky enough to get into the screening.  The six shorts were all created by emerging new filmmakers to celebrate the iconic sci-fi franchise.  I have been a fan of the […]


James Cameron Immortalized As Colonial Marine For NECA Aliens Figure

Cameron! As a figure!They should have announced this tomorrow! It will be the 31 Anniversary of Aliens tomorrow! Today  we have a look at a new figure joining the Aliens line: James Cameron himself! And he is a Colonial Marine! Director James Cameron joins the Aliens universe as an action figure! The first-ever action figure […]

Today's The Day To Buy The Alien Anthology On Blu-Ray

Amazon are featuring The Alien Anthology as their Gold Box deal of the day This makes the US version of the set just $25.00, and that, I believe, is a record In the UK, the same set is going for £19.89.In both cases, this is the full six disc version with all supplements included Both[...]

Akira Storyboards From One Of The American Versions That Didn't Get Made

One his chief conspirators was Sylvain Despretz, the superb concept artist who made such memorable contributions on the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set.Two pages of Despretz storyboards for the film have arrived online, with thanks to io9 Each hits a pretty memorable moment from the story, and there are some oblique images of what the gang's[...]

Now Really Is The Time To Buy The Alien Anthology Blu-Rays

I was quite astonished by the quality of the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set It is, I think, a killer title that could convert Blu-ray sceptics - amazing picture and sound, probably the greatest compendium of supplements ever assembled for a home entertainment release.But it was quite expensive Not right now, though Right now, I don't[...]

Alien Anthology Blu-Rays Getting Split Up For Individual Releases

Fox have not officially announced them yet, but it looks like individual Blu-ray releases for the Alien series* are on the way. I'd imagine that each release will be exactly the same as the disc packaged in the Anthology set, but that the two extra discs of amazing supplements you get in the full box […]

Five Days With The Alien Anthology – Day Five [WITH VIDEO]

Officially, there’s more than 60 hours of special features on the Alien Anthology set I didn't count the minutes myself, but I know that when I was sitting down to watch these discs, my weekend just slipped away from me and before I even stopped to think properly about what was happening, a couple of[...]

Five Days With The Alien Anthology – Day Four

Put the effort in, though, and this is a far richer experience than the consensus would have you believe.Coming up next: the extraordinary wealth of special features material. In the UK, Alien Anthology is out on Blu-ray 25th October US readers will have to wait until the 26th. Okay, let's get ready to rumble.I'm 100% committed to[...]

Five Days With The Alien Anthology – Day Three

It's a testament to the overall quality of the Alien Anthology box set that it survives the monstrous disappointment of Alien 3 in just the way a heavyweight boxer survives a stubbed toe Indeed, I can't imagine I'll ever watch this film again in either it's theatrical or extended cut and I might as well[...]

Five Days With The Alien Anthology – Day Two

Tomorrow, there's going to be a surprising twist or two when we get to the transfer of Alien 3... In the UK, Alien Anthology is out on Blu-ray 25th October US readers will have to wait until the 26th. After the creeping shadows and invisible threat of the original, James Cameron’s amazing leap-of-faith sequel switches up[...]

I've Reviewed The Alien Anthology Box-Set

Can you?The big headline on the cover reads Alien Resurrected, and the lead feature inside is a two-part response to Fox's new Alien Anthology Blu-ray set.The first part recounts the history of the series, from Alien up to date The second part is filled with quotes from Blu-ray producer Charles de Lauzirika and looks to[...]

Screen Grabs From New Aliens Blu-Ray Show You Cameron Got It Right

I've spent the last week with the incredible Alien Anthology Blu-ray set and loved every hour I'm not yet allowed to tell you much about it, but, in the meantime, here's some proof of how well James Cameron's Aliens Special Edition has been remastered Consider those old doubts allayed.I'm going to alternate captures from the new Blu-ray[...]