The Man Who Stole Spider-Man #700. And The Man Who Stopped Him.

Siike Donnelly is an occasional contributor to Bleeding Cool and has written at length about his brain aneurysm and how he believed comic books helped him through recovery. He's also a podcaster and has a Kickstarter on the go for his comic Solestar. He also works at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles. Two days […]

Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 Hits Over $13 On eBay

We told you this would be a thing. That it would be underordered. And would be a speculator hit. A day after publication, despite being a best selling comic, Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 has rocketed from $2.99 to selling copies on eBay for $11 plus shipping. with one copy currently on $13.50 with nine bids. Amazing […]

Rape, Redemption And The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers)

There are spoilers for those who have not yet read Amazing Spider-Man #700 or Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, published today. Go no further if not… As has been stated a number of times "If you have to ask if it's rape, then…" But this is superhero comics, which brings in whole new levels of circumstances. Or […]

Amazing Spider-Man 700 Gets A Second Printing, 698 Gets A Third

Mike Deodato is drawing the cover to the Amazing Spider-Man #700 second print, while Paolo Rivera is drawing the cover to the third print of Amazing Spider-Man #698. But they are just the two most prominent titles of a bunch of Marvel books getting new printings. For their second prints, Thunderbolts #2 gets a Dillon […]

Drunk Comics Creator Spills Spider-Man Spoiler In Strip Club

So I get the following message, redacted to spare blushes and spoilers. Marvel creator [REDACTED] got drunk in a stripclub in [REDACTED] and blurted out the entire synopsis for ASM 698-700. [REDACTED] with accidental assistance from Doc Strange [REDACTED]. Leaving [REDACTED]  with only the readers the wiser. This ties up with versions of this story […]

Amazing Spider-Man #692 Snags A Second Printing

The fiftieth anniversary of Spider-Man, in Amazing Spider-Man #692, has snagged another printing. This time featuring a black-and-white version of Humberto Ramos' cover for the original. Look for it to hit the first week of October.    

Amazing Spider-Man 666 Retailer Covers Revealed

Bleeding Cool has already run pieces on the IDW Godzilla and Avatar/Boundless War Goddess mass retailer variant covers, but now Marvel has entered the fray with Amazing Spider-Man #666. If a retailer orders 150% of their usual Amazing Spider-Man numbers, and they can order 500 or more additional covers with their choice of personalised cover. […]