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Scooby Doo goes to Comic Con and meets… an old British fellow with a long scarf. I wonder who he could be? And did he steal all the backgrounds from this comic? Because, yes, even if you set a comic at a comic convention, it's probably a good idea to show some of that comic convention when drawing it,

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Also, in cosplay, from Amazing Spider-Man #1.2,  the early days of Spider-Man are in a world where people cosplay as Marvel characters to the Science Fair. But the characters are meant to be real people rather than comic characters. And there's no DC folk…

Shame, because there are DC comics it seems, at least according to All-New X-Men. Stuart Immonen's swan song on the title, folks.

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And yes, there are Bob Evans Restaurants in the Marvel Universe as well.

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And in Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, they have Craigslist too. Seems a long way from those days when they couldn't have recognisable brands for anything… like DC's "chirper".

Black Dynamite #3

Black Dynamite knows it when he hears it.

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And Francis Manapul does cool things with comics in Detective Comics, showing off the the way Batmans technology lets him see the world, through analysis, magnification and basically cool stuff.

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In Amazing X-Men, it looks as if the horsemeat lasagne scare that his Britain recently may have gone a little further in Canada.

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In Wolverine #10, the gay/vampire allegory breaks out of its shackles rather spectacularly.


Whereas Death Vigil #1 prefers to go for the full goth treatment.

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Okay folks, from X-Force, who can guess Marrow's swear word? Begins with Bigot and has five letters to follow. Bigotfucks? Bigotcocks? Anyway, nice cooking tips there, as well as a serving suggestion.

The Maxx #9

The Maxx has something similar. But actually does it.

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Here's how Future's End does the violent speech, with a slightly different reaction. Yeah, why do I find the Marrow and even the Maxx version a lot less creepy?


Okay, Ghosted is worse.


And Megatron totally has an English accent in Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #31, when he tries to affirm his reputation, doesn't he?

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Can someone start an alternative tumblr to HellYeahSupermanAndWonderWoman called HellYeahWonderWomanAndLoisLane, starting with this bonding opportunity between love rivals.

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From New Suicide Squad, yup, it is Victor Sage after all. So then the question is again asked… who is the Question?

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This is your Walking Zead Zombie Warning. There are zombies in this week's issue of The Walking Dead. We cannot yet say when the zombies will return but enjoy them while you can.


While the Usagi Yojimbo Special has its own undead invading peaceful meditation. Somedays you just can't get rid of a ghoul.

Judge Dredd #20

Judge Dredd also has to find some inner peace rather than just shoot at the problem. While sunken into some rather nasty goo. For too much of the left hippy nonsense from these two peace loving comics.

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Infinity Man And The Forever People are ready to set up some kind of eighties movie flashback. When they should have been aiming or the seventies…

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When the Penguin gets out of the penguin suit… and wears a onesie instead. Somehow, in Batman Eternal, that makes him a lot scarier. Also it's easier to wash the blood out.

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If this were anywhere but Batgirl, there would be no other way to interpret this scene, even if, fishnets aside, these ladies dress more conservatively than they used to. Confusion on the streets of Gotham reigns…


Spread, debuting from Image today gives us another runarond with Lone Wolf And Cub

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The Royals see the British royal family do a sanctuary deal with Hitler. I wish they'd used the real ones and this had been King George and Princess Anne…

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Peter Parker doesn't look bad for the 100th Anniversary Spider-Man issue in 2061. Though as we can see, Venom has put on a few inches. He should really watch who he symbiotes with. And I do rather enjoy the conceit of the issue that it is the last part of an event comic that we never saw the rest of…

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In Spider-Man 2099 #1, Peter David brings back Middle Eastern dictatorship Trans-Sabal, last seen during his Hulk run. Clearly Spider-Slayers would be handy for any such government during an Arab Spring of sorts. Although their dictator was shot by Rick Jones it doesn't seem much has improved in the interim.

G.I. Joe Real American Hero #204

G.I. Joe Real American Hero #204 shows just how such… technology can be used in a modern day service industry.


Sometimes it feels like jokes have never been made but they've just been sitting there, waiting for someone to pick them up, for decades. And Rise Of The Magi #2 has just done that.


Cliches criticised in Armor Hunters #2… well, it saves the time for the reader if the characters do it themselves.

Star Trek #35

Star Trek #35 goes for the catchphrase's jugular as well. Also, as Picard knows well, Camomile is the work of the devil.


X #15 also has cliches and criticisms too. Though possibly for another reason.  I'm not sure.


A fun funeral from Rai #3? And you know, they could save a lot of fuss over Rai's fascist livery if they just turned it into a spider. It's so close…


Terminator Enemy Of My Enemy teaches us that if you are ever working in security never complain, never look forward to your shift ending and never belittle your position there. Because narratie has a way of catching you up.


While Terminator Salvation continues the very unfortunate habit of killing security staff with moustaches. This has to be some kind of cyborg prejudice, no?


And, yes, we're all very good at deflection in comic books – Star Wars #19 shows us the future, a long, long time ago. Anyone want a Twitter deflector?


Eerie #5 shows us what happens when a committee designs a cow, and then a group of blindfolded men describe it to a sketch artist. Bang on, every eerie time.


But even on an island independent of government interference in a new idyllic land built plastic bottle by plastic bottle in The Great Pacific, the television lies…


This is your Hellboy warning. Hellboy appears in today's Abe Sapien. As an agony aunt of sorts it seems.

Angry Birds #2

Angry Birds #2 gets the Bad Piggies to do some household chores. Don't try this at home folks, you may get turned inside out, Maxx-style.

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Warlord Of Mars #0 has John Carter emotionally blackmailed into submission by Dejah Thoris' emotional rages. But on the other hand, she doesn't wear a lot. You have to balance the quids and the pros.

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A bit like Blood Queen #2 is doing, which is basically saying "I don't care if he's actually twat as long as he has a penis and a passable veneer." Not that uncommon an attitude. Thank goodness.

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Don't you hate it like in Pathfinder, when you are talking to someone and they suddenly slip into a language you don't know without realising it? I mean on one hand it means they are more comfortable with you, they are thinking of you as friend of family, but that can have its own side effects….

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Turok #6 gives us a grim reality – it also cuts down on the cost of catering at the wake as well.


And prevents these kind of family arguments from Shutter afterwards as well. Though usually these kind of things seem to revolve around diamond jewellery that, apparently, has sentimental value.

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Or, as in Magnus #0, do you decide to become wedding confetti?

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Strangely enough Doc Savage gives us a situation that just never ever happened to The Mole Man. Or maybe he just never cared if he was covered in shit. And no one else did either.

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I approve of this message in Chastity #1. Seriously, in San Diego in two weeks, it's pretty much all I'll have going for me.

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Robotech/Voltron #4 mixes fame and reputation. But in the end, there is only one answer to this kind of dilemma. Wolverine?

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So what did you pick up today?

Comics courtesy or Orbital Comics in London, about to host a launch party for South London comics publisher Avery Hill.


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