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New And Improved
Anthony Spay writes for Bleeding Cool: The great Freddie Mercury once asked, "Who wants to live forever?", which seems like a silly question Really, though, who WOULDN'T want to live forever?  But what if any time you got injured, from the tiniest of papercuts to a bullet to the head, that injury would never heal? What[...]
Myopia – Isolated In A World Of Technology
 I initially wrote the story as a screenplay and while I was submitting it to screenwriting competitions I stumbled upon one with a grand prize of turning the winning screenplay into a graphic novel.  I knew that the story I wrote would make a great graphic novel and without hesitation I went on the hunt[...]
Artist Spotlight – Anthony Spay
Anthony Spay may be one of the best kept secrets in all of comics He is not only a talented artist,  but he is the art director and main designer for Zenescope Entertainment I've worked with him on a number of occassions, been lucky enough to have his art cover more than a few of[...]