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Bleeding Cool Writers Picks Their Top 10 Films of the Year
I would love to see how this would work as a two-episode format series-ender for the AMC modern classic. Kaitlyn Booth: Ford v Ferrari Parasite Little Women Knives Out Hustlers Marriage Story Jojo Rabbit Apollo 11 Booksmart 1917 Ford v Ferarri is one of the rare perfect films of 2019 There might be a few nitpicks things you could find if you spent time looking for them[...]
The Apollo 11 Documentary is Coming to IMAX for One Week
One of the coolest documentaries to come out of the Sundance film festival was Apollo 11 A true documentary in every form as it doesn't even have a narrator; we just have mission control as we watch the Apollo 11 mission unfold before our eyes Some of it is footage we've all seen a million[...]