Avon Periodicals Archives

Cow Puncher Comics #2 (Avon, 1947)
It means bringing to the ground an untamed steer from a herd grazing on the prairie, and having secured him, shipping him to market or reserving him on the ranch to be converted into beef or other purposes when required." Cow Puncher Comics #2 (Avon, 1947) Avon Periodicals' Cow Puncher Comics may not have much cow punching[...]
Strange Worlds #7 featuring a Children of the Atom inspired mutant (Avon, 1952)
Over a decade ago, a 1953 Mechanix Illustrated article about Mutants by Otto Binder and illustrated by Kurt Schaffenberger made the rounds online with claims that it was one of the inspirations for radiation-inspired heroes from the Hulk to X-Men.  But that article was likely in turn inspired by Wilmar Shiras's critically acclaimed Children of[...]
Earth Man on Venus nn (Avon, 1951) Condition: VG/FN
Palmer became the editor. The Radio Man was collected by Fantasy Publishing Company in 1948, ahead of this 1951 comic book adaptation published by Avon Periodicals and featuring a Gene Fawcette cover But it's the artwork by the legendary Wally Wood on this adaptation of Hoar's science fiction classic that makes this one so desirable to[...]
Slave Girl #1 (Avon, 1949) featuring Garth and Malu.
Slave Girl Comics is an obscure and very short-lived 1949 title from Avon Periodicals that has a fascinating set of influences combined with well-crafted story and art which serves to make it an under-rated gem.  The story centers around an archeologist and a socialite who have a chance meeting and realize that their lives have[...]