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Man of Steel 2: Zack Snyder to Direct Ayn Rands The Fountainhead

Man of Steel 2: Zack Snyder to Direct Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead

It looks like we'll be getting a follow-up to Zack Snyder's 2013 love letter to Ayn Rand, Man of Steel, after all, but not quite in the way we might expect Snyder revealed that he'll be making a movie out of Rand's The Fountainhead as his next project on Vero, the social media platform whose[...]

The Joys Of Jupiters Circle The Savage Dragon Mark Millar And Ayn Rand

The Joys Of Jupiter's Circle, The Savage Dragon, Mark Millar And Ayn Rand

Over in this week's Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen....He's not the only one wanting super powered children to make a "better" world, either. Back in Jupiter's Circle, John Rockefeller wants a word...But back to Ayn Rand... who has a few observations to make, about superheroes and the Superman archetype standing in front of her.Rand's objectivism would value certain[...]

Ayn Rand Gets Comic Biography On-Line&#8230 For Free

Ayn Rand Gets Comic Biography On-Line… For Free

You've heard the name, Ayn Rand.. she was brought up a lot during the 2012 elections in relation to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who stated his belief in her views.. though he tried to back away from them as the election went on Comic fans should also be familiar with her in relation[...]

Joe Staton Draws Ayn Rand

Joe Staton Draws Ayn Rand

The work of Ayn Rand has influenced comic books from The Question to Watchmen to All Star Superman, sometimes directly, sometimes as comment upon, sometimes satirically, as in my own favourite, Elvis Shrugged.But now we're getting a direct-to-graphic novel adaptation, as the short story Anthem is adapted by Charles Santino and classic seventies artiost[...]