Balticon 51

Saturday Hall Shots From Balticon 51 Show Off An Extreme Love Of Disney

As per usual, Saturday was a busier day at Balticon. More attendees showed up, and thus more cosplayers as well! The yearly masquerade was held at 9 p.m. that evening, but I was unable to attend due to other obligations. The cosplayers below wore some amazing and beautiful outfits, showing off their creativity and diverse […]

Can A Fanzine Writer Make The Jump To Professional Writer?

One of Balticon's biggest strengths is its focus on writers and how to become a better writer, publisher, or artist. They promote creativity and want to help it grow. During Saturday afternoon's Can Fanzines Train Up SF&F Pros? panel, Elaine Stiles, Steve Stiles, Geri Sullivan, and Mark Roth attempted to answer that question from their own […]

balticon 51

Cosplay And Con Shots From Friday At Balticon 51

Every Memorial Day Weekend, literary and sci-fi fans gather at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor for Balticon, a decades old convention celebrating the literary world, and all things related. I've been going to the show for some time now, and am always impressed by both the con layout and cosplay. Friday was […]

Cosplay On The Cheap Panel At Balticon 51

People from all ages and skill levels have fun with it, but it can get expensive! Thankfully at Balticon 51, panelists Nutty, Jay Buechler, Leigh Targaryen, Holli Mintzer and Stephanie Burke gave some valuable insight into buying or making costume for cheap, usually under $20!For starters, look inside your closet to see what you have[...]