Cosplay And Con Shots From Friday At Balticon 51

Balticon 51

Every Memorial Day Weekend, literary and sci-fi fans gather at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor for Balticon, a decades old convention celebrating the literary world, and all things related. I've been going to the show for some time now, and am always impressed by both the con layout and cosplay. Friday was a little slow on the cosplay front, but what I did see was awesome! Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney one of a kind designs, and everything else all coexist in harmony for the con. Cosplay isn't a big focus at this show, but it's certainly made more of an impact here. Saturday should prove to be better cosplay wise, as there is a masquerade at this con! As always, if you see yourself feel free to use the pics, just give credit where it's due. Enjoy

And yes, those are dead baby ducks. They were super soft.

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