Saturday Hall Shots From Balticon 51 Show Off An Extreme Love Of Disney

As per usual, Saturday was a busier day at Balticon. More attendees showed up, and thus more cosplayers as well!

The yearly masquerade was held at 9 p.m. that evening, but I was unable to attend due to other obligations. The cosplayers below wore some amazing and beautiful outfits, showing off their creativity and diverse fandoms. There was a good amount of Disney (and films distributed and owned by Disney) such as Kiki's Delivery Service, Star Wars, Snow White, and Alice In Wonderland. I also enjoyed the unique takes on both Sailor Mars and Wonder Woman.

Balticon always has impressive costumes on display, and this year was no different! Balticon has started to incorporate more costuming panels as well, in effort to expand and draw in more attendees. Here's hoping next year even more people come decked out in their favorite outfits! As always, if you see a pic of you, feel free to use it, just credit us in return.

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