You Too Can Be An Amazon Warrior Like Wonder Woman, Thanks To Valkyrie's Armoury


At Balticon this past weekend, I was drawn into the dealers' room by a specific dealer selling metal and chainmail items. Valkyrie's Armoury is a small business owned by Kate Cox, who crafts all the designs by hand. I've seen her at the Maryland Renaissance Festival over the past several years, and this was her first year as a dealer at Balticon.

She had a wide selection of items on display, but I was personally drawn to the Wonder Woman tiara and silver bracers. I got the two for $60, which is a steal considering the love and work she puts into every piece. She was even kind enough to help bend the tiara to fit better on my head, which she then explained is something I could do myself should I need to change the fit.

The items are lined with leather, so the metal won't dig into your skin. I wore the bracers and tiara for several hours without discomfort, and I'll absolutely wear them again for other events.

She's currently sold out of the majority of her Wonder Woman items, and has seen an influx on orders for Wonder Woman breastplates and more. Her current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, which is actually really quick, considering the crafts[wo]manship of her work. I can't say enough good things about these items. Check out her etsy and feast your eyes on her beautifully crafted items!

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