Salt Of The Earth Makes His New 52 Debut In Batman Inc Special #1

  This is the Time In A Bottle pub, created by Paul Cornell and James Hodgkins for the Knight And Squire comic, a pub filled with Britain;s superheroes, humbering in their hundreds. And it appears today, in the New 52, in Batman Inc Special #1. If a little emptier.   But, with the knotted handkerchief […]

And Finally… Batcow And Robin #1

  You have to feel for Stephanie Brown fans. She may be back, in the Smallville comic, an extension of the TV show, or uncertain canon, and not even allowed to be Batgirl, but Nightwing. Because, of course, the New 52 have no room for her. But they have room for a Bat Cow. Here's […]