Blue Ribbon Comics Archives

Blue Ribbon Comics featuring Captain Flag and Yank (MLJ, 1941)
Captain Flag and Yank made their first appearance in Blue Ribbon Comics #16, cover-dated September 1941, in a story written by Joe Blair and drawn by Lin Streeter An obscure, unusual, and fascinating superhero saga from the WWII era, there's a Blue Ribbon Comics #16 (MLJ, 1941) Condition: FR/GD and several other issues of Blue[...]
Blue Ribbon Comics #10 featuring Mr. Justice (MLJ, 1941)
Justice is a superhero from Blue Ribbon Comics who first appeared in issue #9, cover-dated February 1941 The character may not be the best known of the pre-Archie MLJ Magazines superheroes, but he is definitely one of the most fascinating Created by writer Joe Blair and artist Sam Cooper, Mr Justice was very obviously MLJ's[...]
Blue Ribbon Comics #1 featuring Rang-A-Tang (MLJ, 1939)
Blue Ribbon Comics was the debut comic book title from MLJ Magazines, the publisher which would soon become known as Archie Comics But MLJ's earliest star was a wonder dog named Rang-A-Tang Created by Norman Danberg and Will Harr, Rang-A-Tang was a German Shepherd who ran away from a small-time carnival after being abused by[...]