In One Week, In Two Weeks…

Next week we see Mind MGMT debut at Dark Horse, IDW launch Chasing The Dead, Marvel launches All New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Fantastic Four and Thor: God Of Thunder for Marvel NOW! and we get the final issue of The Boys from Dynamite.Then the week after we get Judge Dredd comics from IDW.. and DC[...]

A Free Copy Of The Boys #39 – And Other Dynamite Explosions

Here is a completely free, totally legal, copy of The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson Issue #39 And the first chapter of the fourth Definitive volume hardcover out today. [issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121024212636-cfe4c7f68c10433aab75cb7f46a3c5b1 name=boysdef04-chap01 username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2]THE BOYS DEFINITIVE EDITION VOL[...]

The Boys Banned In Qatar

Patricia Donohue writes to Bleeding Cool; Garth Ennis is banned from Doha.Well his comics are.I recently ordered 11 volumes of The Boys and got it sent to me through Aramex I’ve lived in the Middle East long enough to know that was stupid, but I’ve also ordered truckloads of comics and never had a problem before[...]

The Boys Rocks ComiXology Across The World

No love even for The Boys? That's a shame America The Boys makes chart space in nearly every other country, going as high as #2 in Greece, Spain and India China loves The Simpsons, with Lil Homer #1 taking the top spot, Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2 take the number one spot in India and Greece,[...]

Movie Of Garth Ennis' And Darick Robertson's The Boys Back In The Works

Prompted by Rich's recent story on the last issue of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys, I've been directed to a recent tweet by Anchorman director Adam McKay You may recall that McKay was developing a feature film version of tough-as-nails superhero deconstruction strip The Boys at Universal, but they dropped the project and it[...]

Stan And Jack Via Macbeth And Banquo's Ghost In The Boys

There's a new issue of The Boys out today (preview at the bottom, along with other Dynamite titles out today) But here's a brief look at last month's issue of The Boys, featuring our ever loveable Stan Lee analogue berating someone who appears to be a Jack Kirby substitute, in the manner of Macbeth to[...]

A Sneak Peek At The Boys In September – And A Misprint Now

Here's a look at The Boys #70 solicitation for September...THE BOYS #70Price: $3.99 Rating: Mature Covers: Darick Robertson Writer: Garth Ennis Artist: Russ Braun Page Count: 32 pagesMARKETING DESCRIPTION: On his own and out of options, Hughie resorts to extreme measures to keep himself in the game Meanwhile, as vengeful forces close in from all around, Bradley considers a drastic[...]

The Spider #2 Extended Preview And Other Dynamite Peeks

Will the forces of good be able to stop the end of days? Or will an army of darkness rise?A seven-issue, SELF-CONTAINED event!Be there for the first crossover spanning the Dynamite line!Dynamite's most powerful and ambitious cross-over EVER![issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120606093119-2f5a1ae431fd46a3a8258c3cc2a122c2 name=boys67-prev username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2]THE BOYS #67 32 pages FC •  $3.99  • Mature Written[...]

Preview: The Boys #66 And Other Dynamite Offerings

Here's an extended preview of The Boys #66, out today, starting the beginning of the end of the series The last arc starts here...[issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120502093706-be3f5c7528fa4bf7b2b4c405fc8daae4 name=boys66-prev username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2]THE BOYS #66 32 pages FC  • $3.99  •  Mature Written by GARTH ENNIS Art by RUSS BRAUN Cover by DARICK ROBERTSON The last Boys story begins with[...]

Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Clash Of Titans

Still, that seems to be something that has been tightened up lately, meaning that unless you buy the US imports directly from a comics store, Titan's editions are the only way you can get hold of a lot of this material.So for the benefit of UK tradewaiters, here's a small taster of the publisher's recent[...]

We Can Stop Looking Forward To The Movie Version Of The Boys Now

Put your anticipation for a big-screen adaptation of The Boys up on a high shelf Columbia Pictures have decided to drop their in-development movie of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comics completely.Chances are, this will be the end of it Though there is always a chance, when projects are put into turnaround like this,[...]

Jennifer Blood And Boys Covers For January

Three Dynamite covers, one for The Boys #62 by Darick Robertson and two for his plotted series Jennifer Blood, one by Tim Bradstreet, the other by ALe Garza... A little bit of Garth Ennisiness on a Friday morning Three Dynamite covers, one for The Boys #62 by Darick Robertson and two for his[...]

Three Comics From Garth Ennis In September

Issue 8 in September, and at last Jennifer has a costume she won't have too much difficulty getting the blood off.And then we have Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker #3 and The Boys #58.Okay, okay, Jennifer Blood is written by Al Ewing now, but even so Garth and Al went over it Issue 8[...]

Russell Crowe For Billy Butcher In The Boys?

As Adam McKay works away on his screenplay adaptation of The Boys, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's tough-as-nails comics about  a government agency created to police the world's superheroes and villains, he's also thinking about who he'd like to cast if and (hopefully) when he gets around to shooting it.The obvious choice for Wee Hughie[...]