Young Justice: Outsiders Review &#8211 Another Freak: A Strong Mix of Theme Story [SPOILERS]

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Review – "Another Freak": A Strong Mix of Theme, Story [SPOILERS]

He says that leaving is the safest thing for Silas: because while the murderous intentions were all the fatherbox, the anger that brought it on is all his.Violet boom tubes the two of them back to Happy Harbor, where Fred and M'gann are waiting for them. Happy Harbor [caption id="attachment_977894" align="alignnone" width="1500"] DC Universe[/caption]Brion waits until everyone[...]

Young Justice: Outsiders s3e6 Rescue Op: No One Listens to Dick [SPOILER RECAP]

'Young Justice: Outsiders' s3e6 "Rescue Op": No One Listens to Dick [SPOILER RECAP]

Black Spider tells another shadowy figure that the boss--that all the bosses--will be pleased. Happy Harbor.Forager is introduced to Halo and Brion Halo, recently introduced to apples, is thrilled to share her with Forager Brion is excited to meet a "real alien" (because apparently Miss Martian and Conner don't count) The team tries to figure out[...]