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Mega Slowbro Raid Guide for Pokémon GO Players: June 2021
Keep in mind that SPRs (Special Rares) will have the same numbering as Super Rare cards in Dragon Ball Super Card Game but feature different, rarer artwork. Gogeta // SSB Gogeta, Prophet of Demise Common BT11-001 Broly // Broly, the Awakened Demon Uncommon BT11-002 Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might Super Rare BT11-003 Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might (SPR) Special Rare BT11-003 Kale, Savage Berserker[...]
Tamashii Nations SDCC 2020 Exclusives - Dragon Ball and Godzilla
There will be five figures from Dragon Ball with Son Goku, Super Saiyan Broly Super Saiyan God Vegito, and Android 17 and 18 On top of that Tamashii Nations will be releasing special metallic Dragon Ball stages for SDCC 2020 Each stage will have one of the seven Dragon Balls and will be a beautiful[...]
"Dragon Ball FighterZ" Releases A Brand New Broly Trailer
Broly has been teased for several weeks from Bandi Namco as the next addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but they didn't give us a release date That finally changed this week, but not in the way we expected The news was kind of leaked already, as reported by Silicon Era, the date was revealed in[...]
"Dragon Ball FighterZ" Releases A Brand New Broly Trailer
Bandai Namco have released a new trailer today showing off the awesome power of Broly before he makes his way into Dragon Ball FighterZ The company still didn't put an official release date on the content, only that he's "coming soon" But for now, we get a look at him busting out of his armor[...]
Dragon Ball: Four New BanPresto Figures Up For Order
Dragon Ball Super figures of Broly, Cheelai, and a new Goku will be available From Dragon Ball Dokkan mobile game, a Vegeta and Goku will be available They all ship in early 2020, and retail for $24.99 Check them all out below, and place and order here. This Figure Colosseum figure features Broly from the popular[...]
Let's take a look. Funko Pop Animation: Sailor Moon – Black Lady Absorbed by the Dark Crystal, The Black Lady is here and ready to do the Wiseman's bidding! Funko Pop Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Broly Born with a power level of 10,000, add Broly, one of the most powerful but unpredictable Saiyans, to your collection! Funko Pop Animation:[...]
Bardock and Broly Join Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC Characters
While the two trailers we have for you are super short and have no audio attached to them, Bandai Namco dropped the word today that Bardock and Broly will be joining Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC characters There's no official date set for them to be released as of yet, and considering these trailers are[...]