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Fox Developing British Crime Drama From Jim Piddock, Mark Gordon

When he learns his son didn’t die in an accident and that he was actually murdered, he extends his visit to find the killer, exact his revenge, and see if he can finally legitimize his family's business.Piddock is primarily known as an actor, having appeared in films such as Lethal Weapon 2, Best in Show[...]

Full Trailer For Family Tree – Chris O'Dowd Stars, Christopher Guest Directs

It's another faux-documentary, in the style of Christopher Guest's features.[youtube][/youtube]Well, that's better than the first teaser and not just because there's more Monk.The BBC's premiere date for the show is yet to be revealed, but I will let you know. Announcing the May 12th premiere of Family Tree on HBO, here's a new trailer for[...]

First Trailer For Christopher Guest's BBC And HBO Series, Family Tree

great?Even people who have never heard of Conti or Monk will realise who they are in this trailer for Family Tree, the first TV show by Waiting For Guffman and Best In Show's Christopher Guest.[youtube][/youtube]The improv-driven films Guest directed himself never lived up to the majesty of Spinal Tap but they were intermittently funny and[...]