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Razer Reveals A New Set Of Chroma Accessories For PC
This week, Razer revealed a number of new Chroma accessories for PC users to join their 2020 line of products For those of you unfamiliar with the line, the Chroma products are RGB equipped accessories to upgrade a desktop setup and make it glow however you wish The new Chroma accessories are compatible with the[...]
Indie Spotlight On Serving Supes, Chroma, Flutter And Dead Man's Party
By Shawn Perry, the return of Indie Spotlight featuring coverage of Serving Supes, Chroma, Dead Man's Party and Flutter Volume Two… Serving Supes by Steve Stern, Matt Yuan and John Yuan is a buddy comedy following the misadventures of Cheech and Clive O'Huang as they attempt to earn their living by, as promised, serving court summons[...]
"The Sciency-Science Fiction That We Grew Up With" – Chroma
Chroma Vol 1, the first in a trilogy of science-fiction graphic novels from Marcus Perry (creator of Image Comics' Descendant and Albert Einstein: Time Mason), entertainment marketing editor and producer Bob Schulze, and artist Michael Yakutis (William Shatner's Man O War, If funded through the now-live Kickstarter campaign, Chroma will offer the epic scope and emotional[...]