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"Legends Of Aria" Will Launch On Steam In August 2019

"Legends Of Aria" Will Launch On Steam In August 2019

Citadel Studios announced this week that their sandbox MMORPG, Legends Of Aria, will finally be coming to Steam next month The devs brag that this will play a lot like other sandbox games such as Ultima Online and Eve Online, which if it does, will be an amazing accomplishment You can read more about the[...]

Legends of Aria Will Launch an Open Beta After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving, Citadel Studios are going to open up access to the open beta for their highly anticipated game Legends of Aria You can currently register for the beta as we speak, which will run until Midnight on November 25th That's not a lot of time, but we're guessing the devs decided to take advantage[...]

Latest Legends of Aria Shows Off How You Create Your Home

Citadel Studios have released a new trailer for Legends of Aria this week, highlighting how you can go about making your home in their world The company released a little bit of information to go along with it as they're preparing to release the game into Early Access on Steam on December 4th The company also[...]